They’re lying to you…

Or, at best, they’re ignorant to the facts and haven’t bothered doing the research for themselves. 

Unfortunately, they are taking the word of their high-priced consultants who stand to lose a lot of money if we opt out of the rigged open primary.

Take Iowa for instance, they have a closed caucus state. 

None of these establishment politicians or their high-priced consultants would dare tell Iowa Republicans that their party is in danger of losing unaffiliated voters or that an open primary would help them. 

Know why? Because Iowa Republicans would laugh them out of the room and never consider hiring their services or working with them again.

You see, Iowa Republicans already know what these failed political insiders are trying to hide from you.

Despite Iowa being a purple swing state, Iowa Republicans win elections because they stop Democrats and dark money from corrupting their nominations and election systems.

Look at Iowa’s voter registration for instance. It’s not dissimilar from Colorado.

A little over 33 percent is Democrat, about 35 percent is Republican, and over 30 percent is unaffiliated with the unaffiliated amount growing at daily rate.

Iowa Republicans win elections with their closed caucus system so why couldn’t Colorado Republicans do the same?

In fact, Colorado Republicans won statewide elections and competitive seats more often when mail-in ballots were NOT sent to unaffiliated voters. Look up the 2014 election results and see for yourself.

If Iowa Republicans can have a closed caucus nomination process that allows them to pick strong Republican candidates while avoiding brutal “circular firing squad” open primary fights, then Colorado Republicans can do the same and find success.

Remember, these political insiders don’t want to lose power or money, so they’ll say anything to get you to go along with allowing Democrats to continue rigging our nominations and elections. 

Don’t take my word for it. 

Just ask yourself why these so-called “Republican leaders” sat on the sidelines and allowed Jared Polis to lockdown businesses and issue unjust health mandates without resistance and, instead, are now fighting their hardest to keep a corrupt system in place that Democrats created.

In other words, wouldn’t it be nice if these guys fought this hard against Democrats instead of fellow Republicans?


Dave Williams

Representative, HD15