Fellow members of the State Central Committee,

I urge you to join me in opposing the opt-out effort.

The Republican Party has a proud tradition that is centered on sound principles of personal responsibility, common sense, and toughness. Our solutions to soaring crime rates and unfettered increases in the cost of living appeal to Coloradans of all stripes, including our unaffiliated friends and neighbors who vote in Republican primary elections.

History has proven that the best of the best rise to the challenges of the day and refuse to shrink from the fights that matter. The fight for our way of life here in Colorado matters. Opting out of the primary is giving up that fight when it matters most and is a great way to keep losing statewide races.

Personally, I like winning elections and I know we have what it takes to win back this state. Let’s get in the fight, not shrink from it.

I urge you to vote in opposition to opting out of the primary on September 18.


Michael J. Allen
District Attorney
4th Judicial District