Be BOLD Republicans: Take Charge of our Destiny!

Hello fellow SCC Members:

Biblical history has taught us when we engineer a win or “supposed” advantage that is focused on worldly gain, we lose in the long run. Or, we try to appeal to a lesser God like, “What will the “media” and “Dems” say about us “crazy” Constitutional lovers?” 

Instead of being concerned with the dishonest opinion of our sworn adversaries, consider what advice would our Founding Fathers give our members on Saturday, September 18th?

When will Republicans come to understand we will WIN again when we “DO NOT” fear. When our actions align with our values!?

Opting out will send a message that Republicans are ready to be bold, morally courageous and state confidently that Republicanism benefits everyone across all demographics and economic conditions — more freedoms, celebrates individual ingenuity, parental rights, the family, safe communities, education choice, jobs, quality of life, more equality …

BELIEVE again in Colorado and the American dream, vote to opt-out of the “unconstitutional” open primary! Have faith in our values again!

Give the “non committed” Unaffiliated a reason to believe again in the Republican party!

People follow those who lead with clarity, purpose and vision.  Fence sitters draw flies not people.

Let’s be real, as an electorate we will not meet the 75 percent “impossible” unconstitutional threshold to opt-out, but the Central Committee can send a resounding message with a majority vote that we truly believe and support the U.S. Constitution, our platform and Colorado First!

In God and Liberty,

Consultant, Strategist and Grassroots Leader
Educate I Inform I Act
Douglas County Bonus Member
Fmr Republican Legislative Aide, 2009 Session
Fmr Dir of Admin Services and Marketing and Communication, CO Office of Econ Development