August 20, 2021

On August 10, 2021, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold ordered raids on the office of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and the private residence of another Mesa County employee.  No warrants nor affidavits have been presented to provide any reason for the raids.  No inventory of the items taken from either location has been provided.  These documents are required by law.  There is no evidence Clerk Peters did anything wrong.  Nevertheless, this Gold Star mom and public servant ran afoul of Secretary Griswold’s new “Gestapo Standard” of election intimidation.

Our US Constitution should protect citizens from such actions executed by a tyrannical, weaponized government.  However, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold decided to disregard citizens’ rights in order to protect her bureaucratic empire from forensic scrutiny and citizens’ requests for public audits of our sacred elections.

Jena Griswold’s “Gold Standard” is a hoax, and the evidence is compounding daily.  But concerned citizens and honest election officials have been put on notice by Jena Griswold:  We now live in a stormtrooper state that raids homes and seizes property, discredits and defames innocent persons, and then does not provide legal documentation for their police actions.  This is a play straight from the handbook of tyrants – and exactly the opposite of the American legal standard of Due Process.   Constitutional rights must reign supreme.  But current government officials at the state and federal level have demonstrated they will disregard any law when it serves the interest of The State to do so.

During the raid on the Mesa County Clerk’s office, those wielding authority to enter and seize property refused to allow anyone to observe their actions.  Indeed, those raiding the office covered the windows to obscure their activity, just as those committing election fraud did in Detroit, Michigan on November 3rd, 2020.

Secretary Griswold has accused Clerk Peters of compromising passwords that the Clerk Peters did not possess, but the Secretary of State’s office did.   It appears Secretary Griswold has framed innocent persons in order to mask violations committed by her office.  It appears she raided Clerk Peters’ office as a means to delete logs from election equipment, and as a warning to other clerks not to challenge her authority.  This is a typical False Flag operation used by petty tyrants to deflect attention from their own derelict, even criminal, activity. 

Enough.  There is no more time nor reason to tolerate or negotiate with tyrants.  We demand the immediate resignation of this corrupt Secretary of State, Jena Griswold.