The Tally Sheet form is for recording the number of ballots cast per candidate in a race.  Each team of three Tellers will need two tally sheets, one for each of the Counter team members seated on the right and left sides of the Reader.  Candidate's names are written in the left column in the order of their nomination.  As the Readers read the name on each ballot, the Counters make a tick, "l" in the box immediately under the "10/110/210" in that candidate's first row.  To count the fifth vote after four ticks, llll, make a line through the first four, like this.FiveTicks Each Counter says "tally" when they mark a set of five votes, to make sure they are tracking together.  Each box on the top line gets two groups of five for a total of ten votes counted per box.  When all boxes on the first line are filled, the number "100" is written in the Subtotal box. If the line is not filled, the subtotal for that line is written in the Subtotal box for that line. 

When the Counter Team has finished, a Teller Committee Administrator will come to the team, writes at the end of the tick marks for each candidate the total number of votes counted, and circles the number.  This person should use a red pen, or whatever color the committee has decided.  The Administrator then records the Team's results on the Team Totals Sheet.

Download the Tally Sheet form as .pdf to print - CLICK HERE.

Download the Team Totals Sheet as a .pdf to print - CLICK HERE.


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