By Allan L.
Jefferson County

28 August 2021

To:  Members of the Colorado Republican Party Central Committee

Subject:  I Urge you to Opt-Out of the Open Primary Farce

Dear Sir/Madam: 

I wish that I could demand that you vote to Opt-Out at the September 18 meeting of the Republican Party Central Committee. 

On May 19, 2014, I switched my voter registration back to Republican in the mistaken belief that I could better contribute to preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the USA as a member of the Republican Party of Colorado than as an outsider. That is no longer true, and the catastrophic loss of elections and membership since mid-2016 illustrate the decline.

I am fed up with the loss and/or lack of support for solid, articulate Constitutional Conservative, principled leaders and School Boards in this state. Examples include: 

  • Laura Woods
  • Tony Sanchez! -- Freedom for Education -- gone to Arizona
  • Justin Everett
  • Tim Neville
  • Anil Mathai (sued by the Party)
  • George Athanosopolis
  • Casper Stockham
  • Susan Beckman
  • Jefferson County School Board !
  • Douglas County School Board !

What has been and is being done does not work.  There is nothing left to lose by assuring that principled, thoughtful, articulate Constitutional Conservative candidates be brought forward by the Party to represent Constitutional principles and the Party platform. These principles are proven to enable peaceful prosperity, development of institutions, and well-being of citizens and residents – beyond all previous attempts.

I have listened to and thought on the many arguments against Opt-Out. When weighed against our dramatic ongoing collapse, that appears to be do-nothing, status quo, establishment smoke.

I am SICK of candidates who primary out the best we have – using Clinton (among others) money – and are accepted under the premise that anyone with an R after the name is better than one with a D. They campaign one way and vote opposite when the critical chips are down. Democrats have exercised this premise of the “Blueprint” here and across the nation. It has succeeded beyond all expectations and given us Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Susan Rice to rule over the USA.

Do Republicans wish to win by copying that strategy? A strategy which leads to the conclusion that the USA is incapable of Keeping a Constitutional Republic. I hope not.

It is well past time for the Colorado Republican Party to upgrade the way it does our business. VOTE YES ON OPT-OUT.

With sincere regards, Allan

[Hoping to remain Republican]

Sun, 29 Aug 2021

I agree with your sentiments, Allan. Having open primaries, we've allowed big-government democrats / progressives / socialists / communists to take over our Republican primaries. It is time to make them a bit more honest and contribute their bux to a party that embraces their agenda and not hijack Republicans choices for principled conservative candidates.

Our platform was good even though many soft Rs seem to ignore it, instead intending for polite bipartisan solutions to problems. Problems whose solutions are not the role of government in the first place. In the words of Dr. Rand Paul, "I want a government so small, I can barely see it." As it is now, there is almost nothing I see that doesn't have the failed touch and stench of government regulation.

Thank you for reaching out!


Sun, 29 Aug 2021

I agree whole heartedly! Didn't like it initially. Took away from the importance of assembly and actually meeting and hearing from the candidates!