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Here’s why I think we need to vote on Sept. 18th to Opt-Out of the Open Republican Primary:

Colorado’s government is rotten.  It’s not a “blue” state – it’s BROWN – and it smells like it.  But the “Opt-Out” clause in a bad law gives the Republican Party a long-shot chance to save Colorado by removing Republicans entirely from the unconstitutional and corrupt open primary elections.

We would like the ~520 members of the Colorado Republican Central Committee (CRC) to vote YES at their September 18th meeting to “Opt-Out” of the primary elections in 2022. 

The party must then vote to sue the state to end the law that Providentially brought us to this point.  Dr. John Eastman and the Clairmont Institute, along with CRC National Committeeman Randy Corporon and his firm, are teaming up to prepare the suit with help from Dr. Eastman’s colleague who successfully sued the state of California for a similar infringement.

Providentially?  If 75% of THE PARTY’S ENTIRE COMMITTEE votes YES, they can opt-out.  No more corrupt voter rolls, unsolicited mail ballots, same day registration and voting, remote unsecured drop boxes, black-box election machines…  It’s Providential to gain election integrity without having to fight the state.

Of course, the “We Did It! Never Trump!” Republicans who have miss led the Colorado GOP for decades are happy with the system and the government the way they are.  They claim the party will win with unaffiliated voters, who outnumber Republicans, driving our candidate selections.  They may even be successful in “winning” a majority – of RINO’s – who will continue the destruction of Colorado. 

If the Colorado GOP (Good Ol’boys Party) cared about election integrity, they would have joined the four county’s GOP Canvass Boards who refused to certify the 2020 election and demanded audits of the machines and eventually of the election itself.

If the Colorado GOP cared about electing Republicans, they would have fought to get the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT WHO WAS ELECTED IN 2020 INTO HIS RIGHTFUL OFFICE. 

Colorado needs a strong Republican Party, working to create a GOP – a Government OF the People.  A YES vote from 75% of the CRC members would be a strong first step in the right direction.  I advocate for two YES votes at the September 18 meeting – one to Opt Out and one to sue. 


Peg Cage

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