From: Olivia Lupia
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2021 6:15 PM
Subject: How low can they get?


It’s a shame when others can’t have honest conversations about the issues.

The negative campaigning must stop. The mudslinging and dishonest rhetoric only serve to inflame our party and drive a wedge between us.

Recently, an individual claiming to represent all young Republicans in Colorado made dishonest assertions to advance his support for the failed open primary in Colorado.

What he didn’t disclose to you was that he works for a canvassing company that would stand to lose a substantial amount of money if Republicans opted out of the rigged open primary.

You see these canvassing companies and other political consulting firms rely on dark money and out-of-state interests to fund their operations that further the “circular firing squad” fights that pit Republicans against Republicans.

This harmful business model may very well help them be profitable off the backs of our candidates and party, but it’s certainly devastating for our electoral viability when we have to face Democrats in the November election.

My name is Olivia Lupia, a Bonus Member in El Paso County and a young Republican.

As a member of Generation Z and a Bonus Member for the State Central Committee, it was important for me to show you that not all young Republicans support the rigged open primaries controlled by corrupt Democrats.

It’s incredibly bold to presume to speak for an entire generation and anyone who claims to know exactly what young Republicans support isn’t being straight with you.

Contrary to what paid political insiders may claim, it’s very likely that young Republicans will commit to being engaged in the local process by physically showing up at local precinct caucuses and not passively stand by while waiting for ballot harvesters to come knocking at their door to collect a mail-in ballot.

What’s even more troubling is when someone claims to support principled conservative values yet defends a system that allows Democrats (and in some cases under the guise of being unaffiliated) unfettered access to press their aggressively destructive agenda to weaken our party and its nominees.

But what’s beyond the pale is when these same individuals try to dishonestly attack the grassroots caucus system that has faithfully served Colorado for years.

Here’s the truth, every Republican who wants a vote and to make their voice heard, can do so starting at the precinct caucus. This would certainly remain the case if we opted out of the broken open primary system.

These "for-hire" political actors very clearly make the argument that we should continue to surrender and capitulate to unaffiliated voters interfering with our private membership organization instead of requiring Republicans to practice active engagement in the local caucus system.

Is local engagement not one of the goals of the GOP?

Opting out takes us back to a fairer nomination process that empowers every Republican to be involved.

Please join me and the hundreds of other central committee Republicans in opting out of the rigged open primary and standing strong against the thought process of accepting a “new normal” because it is the path of least resistance.

We all know the great importance of creating an informed and participatory conservative electorate, which is the only true way to combat the growing leftist push we see daily.

Please ask questions, understand both sides of this issue, then make an informed decision as you consider this issue that will be voted on come September 18, 2021, in Pueblo County.

Food for thought: After our Founding Fathers created the Constitution, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what they had given us and his response was, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Fight to keep it or continue to surrender - the choice is yours.

Olivia Lupia
Bonus Member
El Paso County Republicans