Use in-person Paper Ballots – only
(On March 27, 2021)

Some Republicans have proposed using Text2Vote for our upcoming Colorado Republican Central Committee meeting (3/27) where the state chair will be elected by approximately 595 of the County Chairs and Bonus Members. The argument is that Text2Vote is much more convenient and knowing the results is “time sensitive.”

Those arguments and other arguments pale in relevance to our need for clearly corruption-free elections – given that the November 2020 election was a fraud. We need to back up to the in-person approach wherever possible. If someone out of the appointed 595 voters in this meeting cannot be there in person, or cannot find an in-person proxy, then that person’s ballot should be not counted. Then all of the ballots can be counted by the Teller Committee – in front of everyone.

Republicans need to make a show/stand for being willing to go the extra mile to be transparent in our elections.
There are plenty of things in life where we have to physically present, and COVID concerns do not supersede.

Already a survey on this topic has gone out and it shows >96% (185 of the 191 respondents) want an in-person meeting and voting. Unfortunately there are some who are caught up with a desire to make it more convenient. There is nothing convenient about the mess our state and country is in right now, due to election fraud. If some of the 595 cannot show up (or at least get a physically present proxy), then that person should not be a representative for Republicans in our state. Heck, senior high school proms expect the kids to make it to the school if they are going to dance.

Let your bonus members and county chair know to show or have a physical proxy. You can write them a regular snail mail letter – this worked for our parents.

Greig Veeder, Shannon Buckley, Brooke Smith-Dean, True Nguyen & Taylor Winters