Date: 03/17/2021 11:29 PM

Subject: Trust

     Chairman Ken Buck,

         Clearly the Bonus Members do not want to have anything to do with any black box (whether it is from Text2Vote or somewhere else) involvement in the 3/27 ballots or voting or vote counting. The fact that you do not care about developing trust and reliability enough to make the adjustments requested means you have, or appear to have, some corrupt agenda.  There are no state rules that supersede making necessary adjustments in the service of trustable results. Nowhere in the bylaw, rules or common sense are Republican bonus members forced to participate in a ballot, voting or vote counting process that they do not trust. If we as Republicans have got ourselves tied to some bad process (e.g., Text2Vote), then have the necessary emergency meeting to let us proceed in a manner we can trust. It is not for you to tell us what we can trust. It is for us to tell you what we can trust. That is the way trust works!

          I expect you (or LX) will say, “You know that this model of vote getting and counting was in place when you sought to be a bonus member, so you have already agreed to the process.”

Our response to that logic is that whether or not some of us were aware of the electronic procedure in our interest & efforts to participate in choosing our next state chair and other matters, we have now become aware of how distrust-perpetuating black box management of our ballots, voting and vote counting is. We expect you to help us stop it right now.

          If you have created a contract with Text2Vote or some other such outfit, pay them and send them home without using them.

         Another argument I can image coming up is, “how do you expect to handle a large number of voters in our state on some election, not just the 595 bonus members and county chairs?” After we do this voting in person, in a way we trust: paper ballots, and humans counting them in front of us, then we can figure out the next day, or soon thereafter, how to proceed. Our parents had national votes and did not have Dominion or Test2Vote. There was not distrust like there is now.

The only question is are you going to fix this huge  trust - ability  problem as we suggest or not ?


Liz Veeder