You must be affiliated with one of the major political parties to vote at your caucus and begin the process of participating in the grassroots foundation of Colorado’s republic.

There are only two major parties right now; the Republicans and the Democrats. By looking at the two national party platforms, it’s easy to see that the parties are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, so the choice is clear. The Republican Platform of 2016 is one of the most conservative platforms they’ve had in their history, with “Restoring the American Dream” and “A Rebirth of Constitutional Government” being two of the sections. The Democrats state that their Platform of 2016 is their “most progressive platform in our party’s history.”

If we want America to remain America, we must vote Republican. If we want it to slide the way of Argentina and Venezuela, we can vote for the Democrat candidates and policies. Or we could just stay home, which is the same as voting for the Democrats.

Here are some links to help you choose the Republican Party as your party:

Go to The Walk Away Movement and watch or read testimonials from people who left the Democrat Party. (Click HERE).

Democrat Progressives want Socialism. They make it sound “fair” and promise it will result in “equal outcome” for everyone. Go to Prager U and watch some of their 10 videos from people who know why Socialism NEVER works. Click HERE.

For fun, watch Candace Owens in “Mom, Dad….I’m a Conservative.” While you’re there, enjoy many more of the videos on her website!