May 7, 2021
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May 5, 2021
Open letter to South Carolina Republicans,
This is a warning to the Republicans of South Carolina. Your State GOP is planning to choose your next Chairman on May 15th.  We saw this play out here in Colorado and now I wonder how many State Parties are using the COVID excuse to deprive their Central Committee voting members of an in-person meeting with an honest election.

The SC GOP Executive Committee recently voted not to have their meeting online, but rather to host a “hybrid” meeting, with each county organization meeting separately and conducting the election of officers on paper ballots.

My friends and I, with the help of our Executive Committee, recently stopped the Colorado GOP’s plans for an on-line meeting and settled for an “hybrid” meeting.  It was a partial win, but now I believe it was a compromise meant to placate us while they went full-on with the cheat.  Of course, whoever is in control of the technology for conducting such a divided meeting can just as easily control who wins. 

The Colorado GOP’s State Central Committee Organizational Meeting was held on March 27th, 2021, with some members on-line and some in person.  All members used the txt2vote phone app for the election of officers.  It is against the COGOP bylaws to use "technology" for the election of State Officers.  The government mandates which were cited in the GOP’s COVID Emergency Bylaws state that “Critical Government Functions (like the Central Committee election meeting) may continue to operate without capacity limitations,” so there was no excuse for even part of the meeting to be on-line.  I must note that NOT ONCE did we hear from the people online; their only input was their electronic vote. 

South Carolina is fully open, so they have no excuse either.  Colorado’s bylaws and SC’s Rules assume a single in-person meeting with secret ballots.  For integrity, the paper ballots should be transparently hand-counted at the meeting. 

Although Lin Wood announced his candidacy over a month ago, he is not listed as a candidate for Chairman of the South Carolina GOP on their website, but it still shows the Trump endorsement of the incumbent candidate from February when (it appears) he was unopposed.  Don’t the Republicans in South Carolina deserve to see both of their Chairman Candidates on the State GOP website? 

In 2020 hindsight, We the People of the Colorado GOP should have NOT settled for the GOP’s manipulatable “hybrid” meeting.  We should have demanded, with legal intervention if necessary, that the party Chairman and officers adhere to the party’s bylaws.  If South Carolina Republicans do not want regrets also, I suggest they stop this cheat now.  If we want to bring integrity back to America, we must start by bringing integrity back to the Republican Party. 

Peg Cage, Former Chairman of Boulder County Republicans
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