As proponents of the Colorado Republican Party Opting Out of open primary elections, the question we're most frequently asked is "What happens after we do?" 

In the first place, 75% of the entire voting body of the CRC needs to vote YES to “legally” opt-out.  We believe this is an unconstitutionally high bar, and plan to ask the CRC to vote with us to sue to overturn it. 

Next, the law falsely implies that with a 75% positive vote, the Party could “opt-out” and simply go back to a Republican-only primary election in 2022.  Actually, the choice is to continue to have “unaffiliated” electors vote with Republicans in a state-run Republican primary election, or, if we vote to opt-out, the state will refuse to run the Republican primary election.  We also believe this to be unconstitutional, and plan to ask the CRC to vote with us to sue to overturn it. 

We have a stellar legal team ready to go and are fairly confident of winning on both issues. 

As a long-time election integrity fanatic, I can think of nothing better for the Party’s integrity than to remove itself from the state-run primary elections until the state’s probable election fraud issues are addressed and corrected. 

As it is, if the Colorado Republican Central Committee successfully votes to opt out, the Republican candidates for the 2022 general election will necessarily be chosen through the caucus/assembly process that traditionally precedes the state-run primary elections. 

Fortunately, Republicans are resourceful and can create a caucus/assembly process that includes all registered Republicans.  Anil Mathai has sketched up the following six possible solutions for the committee to consider as a start. 


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