One of my very good friends and my mentor is a guy named Jim Hendrix. Jim served as the Yuma County Republican Chair for several years in the 1990’s. He invited me to my very first Lincoln Day Dinner where I met Mike Bennett (two t’s, so you know he’s the good one), a bit of serendipity that eventually launched me into the state house and senate.

I bet you have several friends and neighbors who, like Jim, donated several years of effort to the party and have since moved on to other commitments in their community for volunteer service. Or maybe you know some die-hard Trump supporters whose kids are in sports, so that they cannot spare multiple Saturdays for party activities. Perhaps you know my friend Bob, a former county chair who has recently been sidelined with serious health issues.

Either way, can you imagine how furious they will be with you if they find out you chose to take away their vote on the Republican candidates seeking the party nomination? Voting to opt out disenfranchises all but about 3500 Republicans in Colorado, leaving only the establishment to choose our candidate in every race.

That’s right, voting to opt out disenfranchises 1,000,000 Republicans who you are supposed to be representing with your service on the SCC.

Please join me in voting against opting out on Saturday the 18th.


Greg Brophy
Vice Chair, Yuma County Republican Party
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