The Colorado GOP 2021 Opt-Out movement is about integrity.

Ben Franklin's prophetic challenge to us when describing the type of government the Constitution had established, was a Republic – “if you can keep it.”

The Republican party's fundamental purpose is to “keep the Republic.” It is to promote the values and principles of the platform and help get Republicans elected.

When we first learned that Priscilla Rahn was running to be the Vice Chairman of the State GOP, we wondered at the authenticity of her Republican registration because she was the Secretary of Denver's Teachers Union. She has since become our friend and publicly endorsed Opting Out. She has explained that she joined the Union to have a voice for the children and families in the largest city in Colorado. It is expected and accepted that only card-carrying dues-paying members are allowed to vote in Union matters.

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Because so few members share the Republican values that drive Priscilla's votes, the Union continues to perpetuate Marxist indoctrination and Democrat candidate funding. The integrity in their elections helps them maintain their Democrat stranglehold in Colorado’s state and local governments.

Most of Colorado’s electors were educated in Union-controlled schools. They have learned not to expect a vote in the privately-funded elections for control of publicly-funded schools, but they do expect a vote for control in a privately-funded party that has publicly-funded elections.

If the Republican party in Colorado had integrity, people could assume that every Republican candidate adheres to the Judeo-Christian principles of the party’s platform and a promotes a constitutional Government OF the People; just as we first assumed that Priscilla, the Union Member, was a Democrat.

On September 18th, the voting members of the Colorado Republican Central Committee will decide if the party will have integrity or not. We will vote whether or not to participate in a state-run, publicly-funded primary election that forces the inclusion of voters who are not party members.

People encouraging members to vote NO warn that if we Opt-Out, millions of Republicans and unaffiliated voters will be enraged when they don't receive a Republican primary election ballot. We've often heard elections have consequences. The people who voted to allow unaffiliated electors to vote in party primaries simultaneously voted to allow the parties to vote to remove themselves from the state-funded primary election process.

“But it's not fair.” That's correct. It's probably also unconstitutional on two of the components of the law. The first issue is forcing a private organization to allow non-members to vote in their private primary elections. The second issue is the unconscionably high threshold of requiring 75% of the entire voting membership to vote YES to Opt-Out.

The CRC should be prepared to vote in favor of suing the state of Colorado to overturn the unconstitutional law. A stellar team of lawyers is currently preparing the lawsuit and we expect to win it, just as the Democrats did in California.

At the September 18th meeting, the first step is proving nearly total unity behind party integrity as demonstrated by a 75% Opt-Out vote. The second step is the approval and support of a lawsuit to return to a primary election for all registered Republicans.

After the party has reclaimed its integrity, it can do the business for which it was designed – promoting the values and principles of the Republican platform and finding and helping to elect Republicans to office. A Republican Party with integrity will keep government small and accountable and provide honest elections with integrity for party members in their primaries and for all voters in general elections.

THAT’s the Republican Party voters want to be a part of. It all begins with two YES votes on September 18th. We Can Do It. We Must.