August 2, 2021

The “OPT-OUT,” a Battle We CAN and MUST Win.

We are at war.  Election integrity in America is a casualty - it's dead and gone.  Consequently, our Government OF the People is dead.  Now, elections are state-run.  State-run elections produce state-chosen government.  State-chosen government is all-powerful, oppressive, and uncontrollable.

Having another election under the current system will produce more government-chosen government officials and a deeper government-run state.  State-run elections won't fix bad government.

In a war, you must choose a side.  Will you participate in a Government OF the People, or will you allow government to grow and consume all we hold dear?  Apathy and complacency are signs of complicity.  If you are not fighting to save America, you are irrelevant.  The battlefield is where you are.  Your boot camp is where you've been.  God will provide your weapons and armor and battle plan if you choose to fight alongside the Patriots for this One Nation under God.  

An important first step is for one or both of Colorado's major parties to OPT OUT of the state-run primary elections.  In 2016, 43% of all registered voters said unaffiliated voters should be able to vote in major party primary elections (Prop. 108), and 53% said unaffiliated voters should vote in presidential primaries (Prop. 107).  Under the Siren’s song of being inclusive of people who didn’t want to be included, government was able to swell the voter rolls and gain more control of more elections.  

Government now controls the extremely consequential primary elections.  The most important and most partisan business of the parties, selecting candidates that represent their principles and platform in the general election, has been relegated to the state and infiltrated by non-party members.

In states where this was litigated, it was found unconstitutional.  Masquerading as a simple vote to allow the parties to “OPT OUT” of open primaries (to add the perception of constitutionality), yet another unconstitutional mandate was added - 75% of a party’s entire State Central Committee must vote yes!  The reward for meeting that threshold isn’t simply allowing the party to close their primary election; it removes the party entirely from the state-run primary election process. 

When these laws were first instituted, it seemed desirable to continue to participate, for “free,” in a state-run primary election, even if it meant allowing non-members to vote.  After seeing the cost of the destruction of lives, liberty, and property in the wake of those “free” elections, removing unaffiliated voters is second place to removing our party out from under the control of the state.

Now, OPTING OUT it is a necessary and attainable win in the battle for election integrity and a first step to resurrecting a Government OF the People.  The parties can take back responsibility for and control over their own primary elections, including their party membership voter rolls.  Then, election integrity can be demanded in the general election.  It won’t be easy, but it will result in an honestly elected government and thus a better future for Colorado.

Your county party leaders and state and federal elected officials represent you on your party’s State Central Committee.  Contact them and ask them to vote to OPT-OUT at the Fall meeting.  Visit and for more information.