From: Rep. Ron Hanks <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 1:34 PM
Subject: pathetic

They don’t want to win. 

Here’s the hard truth: the political insiders in our party would rather lose “pretty” than fight a hard battle on your behalf.

You see, the Republican establishment is really good at nominating candidates who give great concession speeches on general election night or electing weak leaders who don't fight back.

Think about it:

  • Why don’t you see more of these guys standing up to Jared Polis?
  • Why are they always concerned with what the media will say or what Democrats think?
  • Most importantly, why do they fight the hardest against fellow Republicans?

Not convinced yet? Here’s a good test for you to try. 

Ask any elected politician or consultant who opposes the opt-out if they think Joe Biden was legitimately elected President.

If you ask them what they think about the election being stolen, then you will quickly see them start to squirm while desperately giving you a non-answer. 

They don’t want to stop Dominion Voting Systems from counting your votes nor are they bothered by Democrats spending dark money to pick your Republican nominees. 

Ask yourself, “why?”

Why do they want us to keep playing a rigged game that Democrats control? The answer is shockingly simple.

These political insiders and establishment hacks want you to stick with the open primaries because they are content with the little amount of power the Democrats allow them to have.

If you care about election integrity while wanting to stop Dominion Voting Systems and crooked Democrats from counting your votes in the open primary, then your best bet is to opt out on September 18, 2021.

President Trump just sent an email out today that laid it out perfectly. The President said: 

“If we didn’t have RINOs, the Republican Party would totally dominate politics. The good news is there are far less than there were four years ago—it is a dying breed—but nevertheless, and unfortunately, they still exist!”

Remember this on Saturday.


Ron Hanks
Representative, HD60
Colorado General Assembly

P.S. Remember, Charlie Brown will continue to fall on his back if he keeps letting Lucy yank the football from under him. 

Don’t let the GOP be Charlie Brown.