September 17, 2021

Dear Colorado Republican Central Committee,

It is time for us to step up or step down. 

The world is dying for Republican leadership.  There is ample proof – and has been since November 4th – that the nation’s Presidential Election was stolen from the Republican President who was providing that leadership.

Yet the leaders of the CRC told us that Colorado has the GOLD STANDARD of elections.  (Here’s my article on that -

Those same leaders have piled onto the DON’T KILL THE STATE-RUN PRIMARY ELECTION platform.  (See:  Why are they so anxious to stay in a broken election system when we have a Providential opportunity to completely bypass it in the process for nominating REPUBLICAN candidates to the general election ballots?  If we can’t even run an in-house election, are we truly fit to govern?

Government tyranny is smothering us, and we can’t fix it by continuing to allow the corrupt government to run unconstitutional, infiltrated, and corrupted elections to choose our candidates for government.  In the last few years, we’ve gone from a GREAT America to complete government tyranny.  Our feckless party has this record:

  • A Republican President was elected, yet the CRC has not joined the challenge of the Biden pResidency or demanded a full forensic audit of the Colorado election
  • Four county Republican Canvass Boards refused to certify the CO 2020 Election, yet the party didn’t question the Secretary of State for certifying it (
  • The Republican Party lost 15 state-wide seats and 5% registration in the last election
  • Colorado’s tyrannical legislation passed in the last session with 94% BIPARTISAN support
  • The people of Colorado are being subjected to tyranny with no resistance from the Republican Party, whose ultimate purpose is to create government to SECURE OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS
  • Questionable electronic equipment and mail ballots will again be used in the 2021 local elections and no challenge is being made for integrity in those elections, or to their use in 2022 because the GOP defends the “Gold Standard” lie
  • Strong Republican Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green keynoted the two most successful Lincoln Dinners in the state, but some leaders boycotted them for being the wrong kind of Republicans

The Republic needs the Republican Party organization at every level to step up and use their platform, principles, legal structure, power, and responsibility to provide the coordinated path towards the liberty and justice that is our right.  We have not proven ourselves as leaders towards this goal at this crucial time.  We could step down and get stomped on, or we could step up and lead.  Let’s Opt-Out and get the return to a Republican Colorado started.


Peg Cage, Bonus Member Boulder County