Here are the steps to finding your precinct number. If you already know it and just want to know what it means, skip down to "My precinct number..."
Go to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website at
Click on Find My Registration. You’ll be asked your First and Last Names, your Zip Code and your Birthday.
Click on County & District Information for your precinct number and what it means.


My precinct number is Precinct 4181107708. This number informs me of the different political districts in which I reside, am eligible to vote and could run for political and/or GOP office.

Precinct Number 4181107708, explained:
The first number is 4, which includes
United States Congress, Congressional District (CD) 4
State Board of Education, CD 4
University of Colorado Regents, CD 4

The next numbers are State Senate District (SD), 18
State House District (HD), 11
and Boulder County, 07.
My precinct is 708.

My Judicial District is 20, although it doesn't show as a number in my Precinct Number.

The people at my Precinct Caucus will have this same 10-digit number and will also be eligible to vote for these offices.

Other (non-partisan) Districts in which I have a vote:
Regional Transportation District I
County Boulder County
St. Vrain Valley School Re 1J
Longmont Conservation
Mountain View Fire Rescue
Scientific and Cultural Facilities
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy
St. Vrain Left Hand Water Conservancy
Longs Peak Water

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