Dear Colorado Citizens,

Yet another election is about to be stolen from us.  Unless we stop it TODAY.  Yes, we can.  OUR elections have been perverted, due to – you’re not going to like this – our apathy.  They are still our elections, and if we ever want another honest election and the resulting Government OF the People, we must act quickly to take back control and stop “signing off” on their fraud. 

The “ELECTED” Clerks in each Colorado County will hold Canvass Board Meetings starting TOMORROW, Monday, November 15, 2021.  Unless we act now, the fraud will be complete by Thanksgiving, and we will be complicit because our citizen representatives on the Boards will have been coerced into certifying an election that they have not been able to verify for us.  Certifying the 2021 elections will give credence to the fraudulent 2020 elections.

Four Colorado Republican County Parties refused to certify Colorado’s 2020 elections.  The 2021 elections are worse because the ONLY County Clerk who did the job of saving and protecting YOUR election data from the Soros-funded Secretary of State and Dominion has been unjustly removed from her ELECTED position and replaced with Wayne Williams.  Williams is the very Secretary of State who perverted the Canvass process by defining “ballots cast” as part of the clerk’s process.  Now the letter-of-the-law certification is easy, because the Canvass Board member’s official duty is to compare one number in the clerk’s process, “ballots counted” to another number in the clerk’s process, “ballots cast.”

I won’t take the time to link references to all of the above statements.  If you want the supporting information, it is at www.GovernmentOFthePeople.us.  As the former Chairman of Boulder County Republicans, I have been part of the only organization that for a decade has refused to accept the results of the perverted election processes that perpetuate bad government and normalize election fraud.  The records are there.

Here’s what you can do to reclaim your rightful authority over the election process.  Email the GOP County Chairmen and ask them, politely but urgently, to encourage their Canvass Board members to not certify these elections that they cannot verify.  Forward this letter to your friends and encourage them to do the same.  The Board members will be able to use your emails in their Canvass Reports.  My letter to the Chairmen is on the website, www.GovernmentOFthePeople.us.  Copy it or create your own.  Use the list below.  It includes my address, because I want to gather and present your letters to the SOS and our lawyers when the Republicans in the majority of Colorado Counties refuse to accept and perpetuate their fraud.


Thank you. God Bless you and God Bless America.


Peg Cage

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