Hello Republican Friends,

Thank you for sending your letter to me late last week. I always appreciate hearing concerns and opinions from fellow members of the State Central Committee. In an earlier email, I already addressed a number of the concerns you raise regarding the requirements of our bylaws. I'm constrained by our State Bylaws, whether or not it's the system I would personally design if it was all up to me. I'd suggest that we all think of constructive ways to change the bylaws next time we have the chance to do that so the next redistricting process, 10 years from now, is easier for all involved.

You've asked for a citation to state statute or bylaws that explains the current process we are going through. I sent that out to all of you who are SCC members in November. However, in case you didn't get a chance to read it at that time, here is a link: https://mailchi.mp/a81dd858112d/why-are-we-having-so-many-district-re-org-meetings-find-out-here?e=cc1e9887e7.

I appreciate your attention to detail, and I'd like to point out that Chris Murray, who you degrade in your attached email, was selected by President Trump's team to represent his campaign, after the 2020 election, in Arizona and Wisconsin in the ballot counting fights. Additionally, Chris has worked for several other Republican presidential election teams and multiple Republican candidates in our state for years. He successfully represented us before the Colorado Supreme Court in the redistricting process, and helped confirm fair maps for 2022. If Chris Murray was good enough for President Trump to trust, I submit that he should be good enough for us to trust as well.

You may have a different interpretation of the bylaw than Chris Murray does, and I always welcome input and a variety of perspectives. At the end of the day, the State Bylaws lay on me the duty of choosing how best to carry out their requirements. I've chosen to follow Chris Murray's guidance and the clear language of the bylaws, which explain that, when boundaries are re-drawn, a district is considered new.

We can make changes for the next set of people in charge of this 10 years from now. But for us, right now, we must get through this re-organizational process and move on to supporting our candidates across the state. It's about getting them across the line and winning majorities in our state.

Thanks for your work for Colorado Republicans. I'm glad to have each one of you on our team.


Kristi Burton Brown