This note was a text in reply to Peg Cage's text asking for Matt Crane's confirmation of attendance at the debate:

Hi Peg, as you’ve seen from our statements yesterday, the time for debate is over.  If there is any evidence of fraud or wrongdoing, we encourage you, Shawn, or others to provide it to law enforcement so a real investigation can happen.   
We have read and reviewed the reports.  Our letter to the General Assembly was accurate.  As we continue to review the third report, we find the information in that report as misleading and/or false as the first two reports.  We would love to comment more on the canvassing report, but we still have not received any data supporting the claims made there. 
I find your statement saying, “Hopefully that will satisfy the clerks that we’re trying to help them facilitate honest elections…” to be incredibly disingenuous.  The amount of misleading and false statements in these reports and by people who support them have hurt election integrity, purposely undermined public confidence in elections, and quite frankly had a catastrophic effect on the republican party. 
I will not be attending your debate.