Hi All,

I have been receiving numerous requests from folks as to who to vote for.  In response to all your inquiries, if you have yet to vote, I will share with you the endorsements of those I feel to be most trustworthy due to both their personal experience with the candidates and the research they have done.  I am including the information which they have put forth in their newsletters so you can better understand the decisions they have reached:

2. First, you have Kim Monson's voter's guide/candidate recommendations.  Kim thoroughly vets candidates for true constitutional values, like limited government and standing for the individual rights of We The People. Kim is endorsing U.S. Senate candidate, Ron Hanks.  She is also endorsing Greg Lopez for Colorado State's Governor.  Tina Peters is receiving Kim's endorsement for Colorado's Secretary of State. See Kim's article here

3.  Secondly, you have Kevin Lundberg's Weekly Report where Kevin shares his endorsements for various candidates.  Kevin has proven himself tried and true having stood boldly for our individual, constitutional rights in both the Colorado State House(District 49) and Senate.  Kevin's endorsements are as follows:  U.S. Senate:  Ron Hanks,  Colorado State's Governor:  Greg Lopez,  Secretary of State:  Tina Peters, United States Representative for the 7th Congressional District:  Laura Imer,  United States Representative for the 8th CD:  Lori Saine, State School Board from 8th CD:  Peggy Propst, Larimer County Sheriff:  Jeff Fisher,  and HD 51 Austin Hein

4. "VOTE!  No matter what you think about our present election integrity status, it is imperative you vote, and get as many of your friends and family to vote as well. In times of question, we must vote in great numbers, and hold the personal delivery of our ballot until the very end. This is known as "cooking off the hand grenade" and it hinders the efforts of those who may want to play dirty, by depriving them of valuable time to "launch countermeasures." (Pardon the military analogy, we are better at those than sports analogies)."  Yvonne Paez and Solomon Martinez co-chairs of Perspectives 101.

5.  If there is only one candidate under any heading you do not have to vote for that person if you decide you don't want to.  I typically only vote for the person if I know them to be reputable after doing my own research.  If there is someone who I do not believe has done a good job in their current position, even though they will still be on the ballot, I do not vote for them. Lower vote totals can be an indicator that folks are not as pleased with their performance as they could be.  Hopefully, this might serve as a wake up call to them.  

6.  Consider holding on to your UNOPENED ballot until the day of the actual primary election, Tuesday, June 28th.  Take it with you to one of the 

Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPC) listed below: Open June 20-28

Voters may drop off their voted ballot, vote in person, obtain a replacement ballot, change their address or register to vote at the Voter Service and Polling Center listed below ONLY during the following times:


  • Monday thru Friday, June 20 -24 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
  • Saturday, June 25 (9:00 AM – 1:00 PM)
  • Monday, June 27 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
  • Tuesday, Election Day, June 28 (7:00 AM – 7:00 PM)

The reasoning behind this is that by voting a paper ballot you are ensured your vote is counted accurately, according to the votes you marked on your ballot.  It can not be tampered with at that point or lost.  Also, when you arrive, if you are told that you have already voted, you can pull out your UNOPENED ballot and show them that, in fact, you have not already voted and you would like a paper ballot.  If you have opened your ballot, you have no way of proving that the opened ballot is actually yours.  The advantage to this style of voting is it prevents them from knowing ahead of time the number of votes any one candidate is acquiring and sabotaging it at that point.  Whatever you do, DON’T MAIL YOUR BALLOT IN.  This will prevent it from being "lost" in the mail.  If you do want to drop it off take it directly to the Larimer County Courthouse where it has the least chance of being "tampered" with on its way to being counted.   

If you'd like to watch the debates between each of the candidates listed on your primary ballot, see the link below.  The debate, known as the "Colorado Republican Rumble", was held at the Grizzly Rose on May 21st.  Times per candidates' debates noted below:

Secretary of State:  (0:00 - 30:00)  Tina Peters and Mike O'Donnell

CD 8 : (37:00 - 1:24:00)     Tyler Allcorn, Barb Kirkmyer and Jan Kulmann....Lori Saine was in attendance but the Republican Women of Weld voted to not allow her to debate.

Gubernatorial: (1:24:00 - 2:09:00)  Greg Lopez and Heidi Ganahl   

US Senate:   (2:13:00 -  3:03:00)  Ron Hanks and Joe O'Dea


06/13/2022 Greeley Republican Women CD 8 Candidate Forum

I hope this information will help you vote your ballot with the upmost confidence and trust in the integrity of your vote.