Author: Dave Petteys, PCP, Assistant DC, and Candidate for Bonus Member in DougCo, CO

To clean up the voter rolls, the Colorado Republican Party recommends: if we get an extra ballot, we write “Return to Sender- Undeliverable” on the envelope and drop it back in the mail.  They believe in a neutral honest Postal Service that would return the ballot to the County Clerk & Recorder, which would dutifully remove the erroneous voter from the voter rolls.

But in the light of what we’ve seen in the 2020 and 2022 elections, would it not be more probable that the returned ballot would be diverted and voted?

A colleague from the Burlington CO area related a conversation with her mail carrier.  The carriers at this station were instructed to “pick out the ballots they knew were wrong and not deliver them".  In the colleague’s case, the postal worker told the colleague that 5 ballots had her address but they didn’t deliver three of them.  Over 500 ballots were retained at the Post Office and returned to Denver.

Later on, the local Clerk and Recorder reported that only 148 ballots had been returned to his office.  What happened to the remaining 350 or so ballots?

Note that step 3 of the GOP instructions says “It is very important it goes back through USPS and is marked ‘undeliverable’ to trigger the appropriate process".  What “appropriate process” is the GOP talking about?

There are reports of ballots being found in dumpsters.  There are reports of Postal workers dumping ballots.  There’s doubt that the USPS will get any better.  And will the new Post Office “strike teams” improve things in a bipartisan manner, or will it become a Federally operated ballot harvesting operation?

But consider:
• In a Zoom call with patriots in Virginia, they related conversations with a retired postal worker who referred to a “skunk works in the back of the Post Office".  Is this “skunk works” involved in the “appropriate process"?  Does a “not at this address” written on the returned ballot envelope trigger a “moved” phantom voter?  Does a “deceased” written on the ballot trigger a “resurrection voter"?

During this zoom meeting, Dan Schultz of Precinct Strategy recommended:
• Vote on election day. When you vote early, it gives the bad guys an opportunity to monitor the count.  This enables them to determine how many phantom voters they need to apply to the election from their “credit line of phantom voters."
• Vote the “the day of”, on a newly-printed ballot, in person.  If you get a response “oh, you’ve already voted", deny that you have and show them your mail-in ballot.  Immediately call the Sherriff and file a complaint of Identity theft. Do not surrender your ballot to the election official.  (No wringing of hands, bursting into tears, or clutching pearls!) 

Part of the moving packet the Post Office gives you is this notice from “MyMove”:
What is
MYMOVE is an authorized affiliate of the United States Postal Service®. We help millions of people move every year by helping them update their address, change their voter registration, and find great deals. In addition to services and offers, our resource sections are packed with helpful moving advice, internet service tips and deals, cost of living calculators, city guides, home decorating and maintenance tips and much, much more.

What the Virginia Patriots found was that “MyMove” is evidently operated by a large left-wing organization. When they get your moving form, they have your name, old address, new address and your signature!  Evidently “mymove” doesn’t really change your voter registration for you.  They advise you to do it yourself.  But in the meantime, they would have all the information they would need to vote your ballot at your old address, would they not?

In my humble opinion, the best way to handle the ballots would be to make a copy of the front and back of the envelope before it’s sent back. Then check the list of those who voted to see if any of the returned names are on it.