My concerns as a canvasser, and my reasons for not certifying the 2022 primary election are as follows:

1) The entire voting process with use of machines takes the process away from the people and leaves it to Secretary of State and County Clerks (and since passage of SB22-153, ultimately the Secretary of State) to be in control. The machines are complicated enough that forensic computer specialists are needed to interpret, verify, certify the machines for voting, yet the citizenry is expected to blindly “trust” the machines. The complexity of both the machines and system removes from the people the ability to competently inspect, count, and validate the election results, again presenting opportunities for fraud.

2) The ballot chain of custody integrity is broken because of no validation of voter ID on mail-in ballots. I was expected to trust the assumption that the voter filled out HIS OWN ballot and dropped off HIS OWN ballot into the drop box. No ID allows for potential fraud.

3) The breach of neutrality of Colorado State GOP Chair, Kristi Burton Brown, when she called for the suspension of candidate Tina Peters' campaign, after Peters was indicted (read "accused"). This overreach by Brown stomps on Peters' presumption of innocence, a basic tenet of America's legal system, and shows the GOP Establishment's bias toward its own favored candidates.

4) Unclean voter rolls. Mailed out ballots are being sent year after year to adult children or other residents that no longer reside at a given address. This has happened repeatedly and for several years at our own address with our own adult children and, despite informing election officials, we continue to receive their ballots (none of the three even reside in the state of Colorado). The voter rolls not being purged each election can lead to voter fraud with mail in ballots without requirement of ID.

5) It has been admitted by CISA (the US Government's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) that the Dominion machines are vulnerable to nefarious access 9 different ways. Similar concerns were also presented after the 2004 election by Democrats who showed the machines were able to be manipulated from other parts of the world. See also: J Alex Halderman Report.

6) The RLA procedure used ballots, pre-determined by the Secretary of State, compared to an image not able to be viewed by RLA canvasser. Were the ballots chosen randomly and purely by chance? There is no way to verify.

Respectfully submitted, July 22, 2022