We have found the elephant in the room.  He’s been neglected, but we’re feeding him and backing him up over a really big fan.  RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), and the election cabal are about to get hit with a message from Americans.

We’re reviving the Republican political organization that was founded to “keep” our Constitutional Republic as “One Nation UNDER GOD, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”  To restore the land of the free, we have again become the home of the brave.

What we’re about to release is a stinking mess for the low life swindlers who have profited from betraying a trusting and apathetic sleeping giant.  We have turned off their “Tell-A-Vision” and are no longer “Channeling” their evil and perverted “Programming.”  Our eyes are opening, and we are waking up.

We have tasted the joy of working and providing for our families and building strong communities. 

We were Making America Great Again.

Then the war ramped up.  A biological weapon was released on the world, along with demonic propaganda, resulting in millions of people dying from the illness and the “treatment” and the “cure.”  Feckless and cowardly politicians and “professionals” created and enforced tyrannical mandates, destroying the lives of the very people they were “elected” to protect.

Now we know the truth about the “elections” and how those vile people were “elected.”  We are currently in the middle of yet another election “show.”  The magicians deal out a bunch of cards and let us touch them and put them in the black box so we feel like we’re participating, then announce the “winners” who will be our new authoritarians, or more accurately, their new puppets. 

This time, though, there’s a shift.  We won’t certify their magic show elections with their made-up results.  We’ll keep seeking trials for our lawsuits against secretaries of state and “voting” equipment providers, the county commissioners and county clerks associations’ officials and members, and others who profited from conducting the “elections.”

This time, we’re going to VOTE like our votes count, not because we believe they do, but to prove we overwhelmingly EXPECT they should be rightly counted.  Then we’ll continue the work towards honest elections.  We know if we don’t use our vote, we’ll lose it, as they’re prepared to institute the even darker black magic process called Ranked Choice Voting.  

This time, the RINOs who infiltrated the party of the Republic and are destroying it from within, and consequently destroying the Republic, are being exposed.  They will get a massive dose of elephant dung when the Shift Hits the Fan.