Tina Peters Urges Legislators To Oppose to Griswold’s Elections Power Grab Bill SB153

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Tina Peters, Clerk of Mesa County and candidate for Secretary of State for Colorado held a press conference Monday morning on the Capitol steps in Denver. Peters spoke in opposition to Senate Bill 153 and teased new evidence regarding Secretary of State Jena Grisworlds manipulation of Mesa County elections. The following is Tina Peters’ statement that press conference.

“What I’m going to share with you today could very well be illegal by the end of this week if SB22-153 becomes law. So, I’m sounding the alarm while patriots still can. You’ll be able to see this full statement by the time I’m finished at www dot Tina Peters for Colorado dot com.

Senate Bill 153 should chill every citizen to the bone because it is a blatant power grab by the Secretary of State Jena Griswold. SB22-153 is clearly a kneejerk response to our elections investigations in Mesa County and to the multiple damning reports that investigation has produced, like the third one that will be published tomorrow.

The Democrat power trifecta here in Colorado has been reeling from the evidence of our investigation and 22-SB153 is their way of putting a legal lock down on anyone who ever tries to defy their government overreach again. It makes it illegal for any clerk to make suspicious elections activities by the Secretary of State, transparent to the public. They didn’t have the legal authority before and now they are rushing though a new totalitarian elections law to cover their tracks from past elections. They falsely claim that this horrible law is needed to secure elections but it will have the opposite effect in that this unconstitutional overreach by Jena Griswold will cause the voters to never trust them again.

What was it that spooked the Democrats so much? It was the evidence within multiple forensic reports.

The first report uncovered that 29,000 election records had been deleted by Secretary of State staff, all of those records are required by Colorado law to be kept for 25 months.The second report identified 36 wireless devices within the Mesa County election equipment. Voting machines are not allowed by law to be connected to the internet. Why did we find wireless devices? And the third report that will be released in full tomorrow at www dot Tina Peters for Colorado dot com proves there was manipulation of Grand Junction Municipal Elections on April 6th of 2021 and that the capacity to do so was present in 2020’s elections.

I want to invite you to join me tomorrow morning at 9:00 Mountain Time on Frankspeech.com. I will be going into more depth on this damning report.

SB153 is a coronation of Jena Griswold as elections czar.

This Jena Griswold coronation law violates six federal election laws plus the First Amendment. It violates five or more Colorado state statutes governing election laws. Let’s take a look at what it will do.

Section 4 - Accelerates enforcement actions to be concluded within 30 days and no right to appellate review (review by Supreme Court is discretionary). Section 5 - Allows Secretary of State or Coordinated Election Official to file verified petition for neglect of duty under CRS 1-1-113 This will enable the secretary of state to sue clerks when secretary lacks support of local electors. Sections 6 and 7 - Require all election officials to be certified after indoctrination in courses provided by secretary of state. Section 8 - Criminalizes “knowingly false” statements by election officials that are critical of the administration of elections. It criminalizes speech. Let that sink in.

Section 9 - Restricts access to voting equipment (making it a crime for unauthorized persons to enter the voting system room) Section 10 - Requires every county to purchase and use electronic voting systems. Accordingly, if a county, such as Rio Blanco, loses faith in the electronic systems, they nevertheless would be required to use them and pay for them. Hand counts will be illegal. Section 11 - Forbids county personnel from making a backup image of the hard drive of any component of the voting system. This obstructs the statutory duty of duly elected county clerks and recorders to ensure that election records are retained for 25 months, as required by state statute.

Section 12 - Requires 24-hour video surveillance of voting systems, even though the SOS currently has the ability to secretly enter the system through a back door internal method. Section 13 - Allows secretary of state to overrule county canvass board's refusal to certify election results Section 14 - Makes it a Class 1 Misdemeanor (penalty up to 18 months jail or $5,000 fine or both) to refuse to comply with rules or orders of the secretary of state Section 15 - Makes it a Class 5 Felony (punishable by 1-2 years imprisonment and fine of up to $100,000) to (1) violate rules of Secretary Of State regarding access to voting systems, or (2) facilitate unauthorized access to voting system or election night reporting system, or (3) publish passwords or other confidential information relating to a voting system

The impact of 22-SB153 overrides the county canvas boards even if the board has concerns about the certification of an election. And if clerks and canvas boards are no longer allowed to have access to local county data or have any authority as SB153 will restrict it, then Coloradans cannot trust that we have a fair elections process. This bill is beyond scary. It removes the autonomy of county commissioners to purchase election systems for their counties, and the authority of county clerks and recorders to run elections, and keep records in their counties. It gives the secretary of state chokehold-control of every county election.

But you know who loves this bill? Democrats do. Facebook does. And Mark Zuckerberg’s elections organization known as the Center for Technology and Civic Life certainly does. Even a few Republicans love it like candidate Pam Anderson does. We all know about Facebook jail where all conservatives get sent. Well Mark Zuckerberg is the warden of that jail and Pam Anderson, Republican candidate running against me for Secretary of State, is on the board of directors that runs the Center for Technology and Civic Life.

By the way, that group is being investigated for elections bribery in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. You can bet Anderson wasn’t on there to help Republicans. In fact, the organizations’ website stated, “Pam Anderson brings an appreciation for political diversity to the board.” Apparently Pam Anderson has taken a leave of absence from that board last week after my campaign staff outed her involvement with Zuckerberg’s elections organization, to the public. The media didn’t bother to cover that. They were too busy writing about the Democrats arresting me for doing my duty as clerk.

I’m here today to ask voters who still believe in local representation and transparent government elections to contact your legislator and tell them to vote no on 22-SB-153. Real Republicans cannot stand by silently. If we can’t get this Jena Griswold coronation bill stopped from becoming state law, we will appeal its unconstitutionality all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to.

But until then, I will need your help. Let us work to defeat the Zuckerberg Republican, Pam Anderson in the primary election. In this Republican primary the voters have two choices. Vote for a public servant who has become a persecuted enemy of the left, while doing her sworn duty. Or vote for a friend of the progressive power structure. After we win the primary, then help me remove the Democrat Jena Griswold who has her thumb on our Colorado elections and is about to put our elections in an unconstitutional chokehold.

The secretary of state in Colorado already believed that she had the controls to restrict our freedom but she didn’t. Now 22-SB153 will actually hand those controls over to her. She has attacked me to the point of taking away my personal freedom. But remember I’m not the real target of the left. The real target is you the voters of Colorado, and I’m just standing in her way.”

 www.TinaPetersForColorado.com is where you can see the full statement.


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