Dear SCC Members:

Please join us in requesting a full, independent, and impartial audit of the State GOPs funds immediately. 

On Monday, 10/24/22, Kristi Burton Brown, the State GOP Chairwoman, requested and accepted Dick Elsner’s resignation as the State GOP Treasurer at the behest of the Park County PCP’s. 

When Dick Elsner was appointed to serve as the State GOP Treasurer, he agreed to abide by the state GOP Bylaws which state the main purpose of his GOP position was to

“…elect duly nominated or designated Republican candidates to office.” 

Dick Elsner betrayed the trust of all Colorado Republican’s by publicly campaigning for and supporting a Democrat Candidate over the Republican Candidate, Dave Wissel, for County Commissioner in Park County.   Dick Elsner seemed willing to turn Park County “Blue” to save his own skin by securing the same 2/3 vote as County Commissioner that he has enjoyed for the past 4 years with the outgoing commissioner who voted in lockstep with Dick Elsner for the past many years.  It is Dick Elsner’s intention to keep control of the new commissioner’s vote, and he can’t secure that vote under Dave Wissel. 

Of main concern, we brought this news out of Park County and it seems Kristi Burton Brown has yet to notify the SCC of such transgressions, which she promised to disclose after the election.  Given that Dick Elsner held the title of State GOP Treasurer, you must call for an impartial 3rd party audit of the books before December 31st to ensure Dick’s improprieties don’t stretch further than the ones currently listed.  Kristi Burton Brown informed us that Dick Elsner did not, as Treasurer, have access to GOP funds.  We ask this question…. If not Dick Elsner (the Treasurer) then who?  If the Treasurer position nothing more than a nametag position, why have it?

We the undersigned request a full, independent, and impartial audit of the State GOPs funds Immediately.

Michelle L. Hart, Park Cty

Debra Stephen, Park, Cty

Marshall Dunn, PCP, Park Cty

Steve Holmes, PCP, Park Cty

Lucas Meyer, Park Cty

Natalie Breitung, PCP, Park Cty

Bernadette Saucer, Park Cty

Pat Stoinski, Park Cty

Al Fisher, Park Cty

Gary Fisk, Park Cty

Theryn Ridge, PCP, Park Cty

Jimi McFarland, SCC Bonus Member, Jefferson Cty

Brittany Olson, PCP, Arapahoe Cty

Anna Ferguson, Vice Chair, Adams Cty, SCC Member

Bill Patterson, PCP, Jefferson Cty

Liz Veeder, PCP, Jefferson Cty

Ben Nicholas, SCC Bonus Member, Adams Cty

Jeff Young, PCP, Arapahoe County

Greig Veeder, Jefferson Cty

Peg Cage, SCC Bonus Member, Boulder Cty

James Peabody, SCC Bonus Member, Jefferson County

Anil Mathai, SCC Bonus Member, Adams Cty

Martin Claus, PCP, Douglas Cty

Liz Temple, PCP, Arapahoe Cty



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BELOW: Dick and Deb Elsner's fence.  By the way, Deb Elsner is the Chairman of Park County Republicans.