Aaron Wood


Questions for CRC Officer Candidates

Responses will be posted at MyColoradoGOP.org

Do you support the following?

Yes     1. National GOP’s Platform and Colorado Republican Committee (CRC) Bylaws

Yes     2. Revive or refile the lawsuit to close the primaries (must issue an Amicus Brief in support)

Yes     3. A resolution to support any and all domestic lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of mail                       in ballots

YES     4. The Caucus/Assembly system

Yes     5. All GOP Efforts for Election Integrity

Yes     6. Elimination of Hybrid Organizational meetings and use of electronic voting equipment for                              election of officers

Yes     7. Sovereignty of all Colorado GOP organizations

Yes     8. Transparent, Independent, and Open audit of all CRC financials


Position Questions:

Please respond in writing to the following:

  1. What is your position on Trump as the Presidential Candidate?
    1. I believe that Trump won in 2020, so it is only appropriate that he is running again to attain his rightfully elected office as President. Trump has done so much good by waking reasonable people to the atrocities present in our government and our country.

2. Which office are you seeking?

              Either Chair or Vice Chair

3. Why do you want to run?

              I believe that it is time for the lawyers and politicians to be done controlling the GOP. The Colorado GOP needs bold, grassroots-bred leadership that can effectively develop its voice and brand while working to connect and engage with regular everyday people that are sick and tired of allowing political control to be in the hands of those who simply benefit financially whether they win or lose. You shouldn’t need permission to achieve a certain political prowess in order to lead the state GOP. You need to know how to connect with people, listen to people, and develop an organization that people care about.

4. Are you currently employed, if so as what?

              Yes. I am a director and strategist for a technology and development company.

5. Is there anything in your past that may be embarrassing?

              I am a college dropout, yet this hasn’t stopped me from leading and growing a multi-million dollar organization, working for national organizations, and providing for my family the American dream to achieve their dreams in Colorado.

6. What do you see as the major/minor problems with the CRC?

  1. List the Order of Importance
    1. Allowing non-republicans to vote in Republican primaries.
    2. Supporting republicans that avoid the grassroots precinct causes and assembly process, and only petition onto the ballot.
    3. Lack of brand identity and engagement with conservatives.
    4. Lack of engagement with the church community.
    5. Lack of engagement with minority communities.
    6. Allowing electronic voting devices at State assemblies and to elect state party officers.
    7. Lack of transparency in the party business.

B. How would you fix them?

Use the collective fighting force of all 64 county party leadership to opt out of open primaries.

Establish a statewide resolution to discontinue support for candidates that avoid the grassroots precinct causes and assembly process, and only petition onto the ballot. In turn, encourage candidates to engage with the party and its base in order to get onto the ballot.

Develop a brand marketing strategy for the state party that reflects the sentiment of America-first, grassroots conservatives, and build a brand that is emotionally engaging and has ‘teeth’. The Colorado GOP should be a proud banner for every freedom-loving Coloradan to stand under.

Work collaboratively with the influential church and ministry entities in Colorado to engage with the voter base of Judeo-Christian voters who feel their values are left behind for compromise time and time again.

Establish street team outreach and community service to engage with minority community leadership.

Simplify and clarify State bylaws to ensure every Republican-led election is done on paper ballots with a hand count.

Publish open and transparent party financials.

7. What past CRC actions have you objected to?

              Electronic voting devices at State Assembly. Open primaries. Supporting candidates that petition only onto the ballot.

8. What changes need to be made to the CRC Party Platform?

              100% closed Republican primary

              100% in support of paper ballots and hand count for all voting. No more electronic devices.

              Support a return to precinct reporting for voting in elections.

9. What changes need to be made to the CRC Bylaws?

              Resolution to close primaries and/or opt-out of any open primary where a non-republican voter would have the ability to vote in a republican election.

              Resolution to offer no financial or volunteer support to any candidate that chooses to petition only onto the ballot.

              Resolution to support county parties in the structure and support of precinct and district structure and leadership.

10. Your thoughts on Open Primaries

              Open primaries must end, or at least the republican party opts out of participating in open primaries.

11. Your thoughts on Petitioned Candidates

              They should not receive financial or volunteer support from the republican party.

A. Should CRC money be spent to support them? NO

12. When legal counsel is retained by CRC, whom does that counsel represent?

              That legal counsel should represent the republican body at large in the state of Colorado.

13. How would you work with the Rural and Urban GOP County chairs?

              Urban and Rural county chairs have unique situations, and in turn, access needs to be made with the state party that allows easy participation in state party business and communication. They need resources to build strong party leadership and structure and training to engage and communicate with their local conservative communities. They also must have their voices represented at the state level.

14. How will you be informing the rank-and-file Republicans?

              Through attendance and speaking engagements at local conservative meetings, church group meetings, social media, and email marketing.

15. How will you insure fair elections within the party?

              Hand-counted paper ballots are the only way to vote, and we must lead by example as the party of election integrity. Many elections would also benefit from roll-call votes, as opposed to a simple Yay or Nay majority. 

16. How will you insure transparency in future actions of the CRC?

              Communication is key, and it also must be delivered in a tone and manner of mutual trust. Provide more answers than there are questions and you will avoid a lack of transparency.


Responses will be posted at MyColoradoGOP.org