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Questions for CRC Officer Candidates
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Do you support the following?

YES 1. National GOP’s Platform and Colorado Republican Committee (CRC) Bylaws

YES 2. Revive or refile the lawsuit to close the primaries (must issue an Amicus Brief in support)

YES 3. A resolution to support any and all domestic lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of mail
in ballots

YES 4. The Caucus/Assembly system

YES 5. All GOP Efforts for Election Integrity I will also launch an Election TSI Taskforce. Transparency,
Security, and Integrity.

YES 6. Elimination of Hybrid Organizational meetings and use of electronic voting equipment for
election of officers. This would require a bylaws change.

YES 7. Sovereignty of all Colorado GOP organizations (FYI) this needs to be a bylaws change.

YES 8. Transparent, Independent, and Open audit of all CRC financials
Position Questions:
Please respond in writing to the following:

1. What is your position on Trump as the Presidential Candidate? I gladly voted for President Trump
twice. I still follow him and think he was a great POTUS. Per the bylaws the GOP organization is not
supposed to get involved during the primary process. But regardless of who wins we will support the
nominee if I am the Chair.

2. Which office are you seeking? CO state GOP Chair

3. Why do you want to run? I believe I am the only one with a plan to unite the party and put us on the
right track to start winning again. My unifying plan is called Operation OUST.

4. Are you currently employed, if so as what? I am self employed and semi-retired. I would be a FULL
TIME Chair and I will commit the next 6 years of my life to this cause provided the first 2 years are

5. Is there anything in your past that may be embarrassing? We all have a past and none of us are
perfect. I am very transparent so I cannot be embarrassed by my past, only learn from it and keep
moving forward.

6. What do you see as the major/minor problems with the CRC?
     A. List the Order of Importance
The Republican party has a PMI problem. Our Purpose is off. Our Message is off and our image is off.
     B. How would you fix them?
My Operation OUST program starts to provide real solutions to our PMI problem. OUST stands for
Outreach, Unite, Support, and Train. We start doing those things well and we will start winning more

7. What past CRC actions have you objected to? The biggest thing is the lack of meaningful action. Like
the lack of outreach. If we want to win statewide elections, we need to grow our base.

8. What changes need to be made to the CRC Party Platform? Grow our base. Support our candidates.
Work toward uniting our party. Train more candidates.

9. What changes need to be made to the CRC Bylaws? The bylaws are good, but current leadership is not
following them as we speak. That needs to change, or the bylaws need to change.

10. Your thoughts on Open Primaries. I was on the lawsuit to close the primaries. The suit failed because
the current chair would not join the effort. I think we need to close our primaries and focus on
rebuilding and rebranding our party by helping more people.

11. Your thoughts on Petitioned Candidates

     A. Should CRC money be spent to support them? ONLY once they are on the general ballot. Per
the bylaws the party is supposed to stay neutral during the primary process.

12. When legal counsel is retained by CRC, who does that counsel represent? The counsel should
represent the Party, but the current counsel represents the Chair first.

13. How would you work with the Rural and Urban GOP County chairs? The state GOP needs to become
a world class support organization for the county Chairs. My GOP Chair admin will be calling each county
organization once a month for a wellness checkup.

14. How will you be informing the rank-and-file Republicans? Not all people take advantage of
technology, so we need to employ several ways to keep the rank and file informed. Text messaging,
social media, email, and website updates would be primary.

15. How will you ensure fair elections within the party? TRANSPARANCY, we must make sure everyone
feels the elections are fair and honest. Paper ballots for now until we find a system that both sides can
review and agree is safe.

16. How will you ensure transparency in future actions of the CRC? Regular audits of the party finances
and better access to the Ex Comm-board and the Chair.
Please send your answers as a jpeg file.
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