TODD WATKINS was one of El Paso's "Top Line Candidates." 
His letters are here in full, in reverse order.

This is the letter he sent to the El Paso Central Committee

Greetings Central Committee Members and Fellow Republicans,

Below are messages from a few disgruntled members of the El Paso County Republican Central and Executive Committees including one, Chuck Broerman, who currently serves as El Paso County Clerk and Recorder. They are also members of the so-called Peak Republicans who charge candidates for their services and have been acting as an illegitimate, shadow party in El Paso County. They are now making an appeal across the state to Republican Party committee members in other counties in an effort to compel the State GOP Chairwoman to call a special session of the state central committee for the purpose of removing the El Paso County chairwoman and assigning county GOP leadership and representation to "a third party." This "third party,” of course, is, in fact, the Peak Republicans and this is a desperate attack on our duly and legitimately elected county leadership...including you.

The Peak Republicans represent the ruling elite establishment faction of the GOP and they seek only to represent themselves and retain power. They do not care about you and they do not want you to do anything other than vote for their selected candidates in primary and general elections. They certainly do not want you involved in their party. The fact that you might be in a decision making position as a precinct leader, bonus member, division leader, or district officer is anathema to them. *In fact, they are actively pursuing the dissolution of the caucus system to ensure you never have a voice in OUR party again.  You and I merely represent a Republican ballot in one of their scripted elections whose only purpose is to serve their own agenda, and their agenda is to control our political and government processes in this county.

We've often referred to this establishment elite faction as the Romney Wing of the GOP or the Liz Cheney Wing of the GOP, but this desperate and reckless move casts them more correctly as the Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton Wing of our party. These aren't Republicans. These are power hungry elitists who have abandoned our Constitution, the Republican party platform as well as State and County bylaws, and the most fundamental principles of America. They are deceitful, vitriolic, destructive, and a danger to our constitutional republic. Many in this elite, establishment cabal hold public office, others merely make money off the political system of campaigning and elections, but all of them are contributing to the disintegration of our government of the people, by the people, and for the people for their own self interests and aggrandizement.

Todd Watkins
El Paso County, CO

*Is It Time Republicans Outsource The Caucus System?
June 17, 2022 By Eli Bremer