This is a letter for people to use and send (as is, or edit to personalize) to KBB, Chuck Broerman, and Lois Landgraf.  They owe us (all of us) citations of bylaw and statute under which they are seeking the relief they are asking for in the petition.  The petition is included in the word document attached herein.  The reason for sending that letter to Broerman and Landgraf in addition to KBB is because those two are the source of the petition as indicated in the petition itself.  They have sent this petition to other GOP members throughout the state seeking their support and have asked people to contact them and provided their email addresses.

It has come to my attention that a disaffected group of Republicans in El Paso County is soliciting other Republicans in other counties as well as the State Central Committee to take some undefined action against the Chairwoman Tonkins and the county party in general. This concerns me as the relief this group seeks does not seem to be supported in either state statutes or the party’s bylaws.

As regards the demand for a special meeting of the State Central Committee in order to remove the Chairperson of El Paso County and dissolve the El Paso County Republican Party, it is imperative that you provide the legal authority to do what you are seeking. This is a most unprecedented and extreme manner of resolving a controversy and ample justification for taking such action is necessary.

A search of the bylaws of the State GOP reveals that nothing supports the notion that you, the State Executive Committee, or the State Central Committee have the power to remove Chairwoman Tonkins and/or allow you or the state party to seize control of the El Paso County Republican Central Committee
and transfer control to individuals not elected under state law to exercise such authority. Neither does Robert's Rules provide any authority to allow actions not supported by the bylaws of the State Party.

Furthermore, there is nothing in Colorado Revised Statutes to allow any of the desired actions expressed by the petitioners. The state party and all committees organized thusly are expressly controlled by state law; there is no legitimate provision that would allow the State Chairperson or any committee to invent powers or authorities to carry out the desires of a small disaffected group.

Please provide a citation to our bylaws and state law that supports what is suggested in the following documents. If there is none, this movement must be halted forthwith. This is a legitimate concern that any voter in this state should have and your prompt and honest response here should be provided without reservation.