By Todd Watkins

An Open Letter To The El Paso County Republican Precinct Leaders


You are the power behind the party.  You decide the leadership, which in turn determines the direction of our party.  You are the overwhelmingly largest population within the central committee that will make these decisions.  But you don’t have a voice if you don’t attend.  This is the most important thing you can do to restore our party, and ultimately our republic.

It is no secret, in fact, it is patently obvious, that our party is failing.  That, in turn, has caused our republic to fail.  It has taken years for this to become obvious to the general public, but it is now undeniable.  Because of your position, you can be part of the road to recovery.

Our party has become complacent and lethargic because it is controlled by career politicians and political operatives whose priorities are job/career security, retention of power and position, and personal wealth accumulation.  These problems are symptomatic across our party throughout the US.  Neither El Paso, locally, nor Colorado, statewide, is unique in this respect.  We must affect the systems to which we have access: All politics are local, and El Paso County is what we can affect.

For The People; By The People

The ruling party in El Paso County has retained power here for decades, within the party as well as public offices.  Every elected office in our county government is held by one of the ruling class RINOs.  Until now, the vast majority of state representation from El Paso County also came from the ruling class RINOs.  The reason our county is deteriorating is due the ruling class RINOs serving themselves and not their constituents.  The reason our state is in decline is because all 64 counties suffer from the same problem.  The reason our nation is in decline is because every state has the same problem.  It takes strong, virtuous, committed members in positions of influence to keep our republic and uphold our founding principles—we don’t have that anymore.  When those who hold office put themselves first, the nation—any nation—fails.  Our county, our state, and our nation suffer because of greed and entitlement among the political/ruling class that is seduced and controlled by the donor/consultant class.  The rest of us suffer while they thrive and are insulated from the extreme left agenda. 

We need people who will stand in the gap against the left.  We need people who will put our country—our republic—before themselves.  We need people who will put the country before the party and stop using the party as a vehicle for power, wealth, and privilege.  The Republic must come before the Republican Party.  The party is only worth saving and strengthening as long as it serves the Republic and ensures America’s founding principles.  This is where you come in.

Power And Responsibility

Your vote at our central committee meeting will determine who will lead our county party and the direction in which we go.  Your vote will also determine who represents the county at the state central committee that determines who leads the state party and the direction the state party goes.  If you do not choose well, our county and our state will be lost.  If we put the right people in place, we can turn the party to the right path and ultimately our government as well. 

It is not farfetched to say that our nation faces an existential crisis because of the proliferation of leftist ideologies and agendas bent on totalitarian control and the dissolution of individual rights.  Neither is it farfetched to say that a weak, spineless, self-involved Republican Party has permitted this to happen because of apathy and complacency, and in many cases contributed to it out of some sense of personal gain.  Allowing this to continue will be our demise as a nation and as a people.  Voting in the same actors and expecting a change is not only folly, it is just plain stupid.  The current ruling class of RINOs has failed miserably either through incompetence or through maliciousness…neither is forgivable or tolerable.  They. Must. Be. Got. Rid. Of.

As a precinct leader, you can do this.  You must do this; it is up to you.  For such a time as this.