January 25, 2023.
By John Heimsoth

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I have no confidence that a ZOOM meeting is going to assure integrity though Chairwoman Burton-Brown has stated, “It’s about the integrity of the elections at their (El Paso County) upcoming reorganizational meeting and letting the central committee decide how that meeting’s going to be run so that everyone can trust the results.” (Reference Denver Gazette)

In a past ZOOM meeting, we witnessed Chairwoman Burton-Brown exercise preferential time limits to Peak (shadow GOP) challengers though she has stated “I want to be clear that this is not about personalities or preferences.” (Reference Denver Gazette) Can we be assured that Chairwoman Burton-Brown will not exercise preferential time limits? Some members of the CRC have not received notification of the meeting. Can we trust the results of the ZOOM meeting when there will be a lack of transparency as attendees will not be able to validate a legal quorum established and votes cast?

Supposedly, she isn’t calling the meeting “to choose sides in El Paso County” according to the article in the Denver Gazette Yet, Chairwoman Burton-Brown did just that when she referred candidates to the Peak (shadow GOP) instead of the official duly elected El Paso County GOP. Actions speak louder than words.

Chairwoman Burton-Brown also stated that, “I want to be clear that this is not about the state party stepping in to govern a county party.”  (Reference Denver Gazette) If she clearly means that, Why call the meeting?

To keep county parties sovereign, this meeting must be canceled and the call rescinded.

John Heimsoth,

EPCGOP Bonus Member