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January 29, 2023

Dear Members of the State Central Committee,

     I am currently the secretary of the El Paso County Republican Party.  Vickie has been a very successful Chairwoman since Oct 2020 when she was elected to finish the term of a chair who quit.

     She directed a very successful Lincoln Day dinner taking over 10 days before the event.  At that point, there were only 100 reservations.  We were in the hole over $700.00 and her dedicated Republican friends helped her.  We ended with over 300 reservations and in 10 days put together a huge silent auction. 

     She directed a successful GOTV campaign in 2020 with over 200,000 in El Paso County casting their vote for President Trump.  Over 13,000 door hangers were filled with campaign materials and we successfully reelected those candidates who were feeling the heat.  We worked for the establishment candidates.

     We have had 2 very successful Lincoln Day dinners since then, even though the Pike Peak Republican United group conducted a fundraiser the same day as our last dinner in August.  They hoped to ruin our major fundraiser but they were unsuccessful. 

     In 2022, Vickie encouraged more than 1000 new Republicans to attend the Caucus and get involved with our party.  She has filled more than 50 precinct leader positions since then, which is the job of the chair, per Ken Buck.

    Numerous precinct leader training meetings in both 2022 and 2023 gave precinct leaders the insight to how our party is run and what the precinct leaders should do.  Yes, we had many walking and calling in 2023 even though the establishment denies our hard work. 

     During this time, Kristi has been guiding the disgruntled “Establishment” members who are very unhappy that Vickie won a second time.  Kristi encouraged Peak Republicans (they keep changing their name) and guided them through the process we now face on January 31.  Kristi attended their grand opening in April of 2022, knowing full well they could not legally use the name Republicans without applying to our State Excomm.  We discovered this in late August of 2022 and asked them to stop using the term Republican in their name until it was legally noticed.  They refused and Vickie submitted a complaint to Kristi.  The name could not be discussed until the December meeting.   As our bylaws are written, Vickie had to take it to our Central Committee before it went to the state executive committee.  The timing was unfortunate but other dates were not open for us or the location where we conducted the meeting.  The central committee approved a strong refute to approving the term “Republican” for other groups.  The candidates who lost were in Democrat designed districts, as all open districts in Colorado chose Democrats.   This meeting did not influence any voters.  Unfortunately the Peak Republicans ran to the newspaper and had a story in Sunday’s paper.  They should be blamed for the loss. 

     Kristi also put Lois Landgraff in charge of GOTV.  Lois had not stepped in our office since March of 2022.  There was no communication with Lois so we had no idea what was happening.  After reaching out to all candidates after the primary, very few brought their campaign literature to EPC headquarters.  In fact, many were told Peak Republicans was the headquarters for the Republican Party.  Heidi Ganahl was charged $1000.00 to display her candidate literature there.  Never has our headquarters charged for helping candidates.  The three main instigators are actually on our executive committee.  Of the $900,000 the local candidates brought in, $300,000 was spent with several local campaign operatives, including Jodi Ritchie, Lois Landgraft and Kit Roupe, the masterminds of Peak Republicans🔗.    

     Kristi said on the radio she is ok with giving the headquarters to Pikes Peak United Republicans and she attended a women’s group in Colorado Springs, Sunrise Republicans, to provide information on how they can achieve this coup. 

     Should the state chair take sides against Republican parties in each county of our state?   There is sedition in our own party.  What is Kristi gaining siding with the establishment?  Is she being hired by one as a favor for this action?  The Peak Republicans did vote for Kristi for chair.

     This establishment group in El Paso County is narcissistic.  We see what is in their hearts and they accuse us of things they did when they were in power and they have every intention of doing it again.  These people lie to make themselves look good while they destroy Vickie’s reputation.  Don’t believe them without finding out the truth.  Vickie has stood up to them and they have gathered an “army” of whoever could be recruited against her.  Twisting facts and telling one side of the story is part and parcel of their stories as with their claims now.  Vickie surrounds herself with people who talk about visions and ideas; she is not easy to fool.  When their debate was lost, slander became their tool. 

     The Peak Republicans have been disrespectful, they know they should not be trusted and ultimately, how they treat “Grass Roots” Republicans tells all.  They have no integrity, principles or ethics.


Thank you,

Sheryl Glasgow

Secretary, El Paso County Republican Party