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January 30, 2023
Thanks to Maurice Emmer -

Membership is defined in Article IV of the state GOP bylaws.  They provide:


Section A. Membership Defined. 

Membership of the CRC shall be composed of voting and nonvoting members. The previous sentence notwithstanding, for purposes of any vote taken pursuant to Section 1-4-702 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, the “total membership” of the CRC shall consist solely of the voting members of the CRC.

1. The voting members shall be:

a. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary of the CRC;

b. The chairman, vice-chairman and secretary of each of the Republican county central committees;

c. The elected Republican United States senators and representatives in Congress;

d. The elected Republican state officials including governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state,

state treasurer, attorney general, and members of the General Assembly, the state board of regents, and

the state board of education;

e. The Republican National Committeeman and National Committeewoman for Colorado; and

f. Two additional ("bonus") members from each county that polled ten thousand votes at the last

preceding general election for the Republican candidate for governor of Colorado or president of the

United States, and two bonus members for each additional ten thousand votes or major portion thereof so

polled in such county.

i. The bonus members shall be elected by the county central committee at its organizational


ii. Bonus member vacancies shall be filled by the county entitled to make the original selection, in

accordance with the bylaws of the county central committee.

iii. Counties shall not elect more bonus members than they are entitled to by state law.

h. The elected Republican District Attorneys.

i. The chairman of each congressional district central committee.

2. The nonvoting members shall be:

a. The appointed officers and chairman of the CRC standing and special committees;

b. The chairman and vice-chairman of each of the judicial, senatorial and representative district

central committees and the vice-chairman of each of the congressional district central committees; and

c. The presiding state officer of each separate organization, auxiliary or allied organization

recognized by the Executive Committee in accordance with Article XVIII of these Bylaws;

Section B. Rights of Nonvoting 


Nonvoting members shall have all of the privileges, rights and duties of voting members, except that they 


vote only when acting as the proxy of any voting member, or when they are also voting members of 



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