Elect Mark and the BOULDER COUNTY'S AMERICA FIRST SLATE🔗 at the 2/9/2023 Organizational Meeting


Mark Milliman

Candidate for Boulder County Republican Vice Chairman

Mark became interested in politics in the early 1980’s during the ascendency of Ronald Regan to president. This was a time when the country needed a strong moral leader to reunite and protect the nation. Mark was impressed that a man like Regan that grew up in the Midwest rise to be leader of the free world. This impression carried him through his many years of political advocacy at the local and federal levels for motorist rights and broadband deployment. Finally in 2019, Mark ran for State Assemblyman for House District 11 in Colorado inspired that a straight-talking businessman like Donald Trump could be president and correct the course of this great country. Mark currently is District Captain for SD-15 and sits on the BCR Executive Committee. Additionally he was plaintiff on a lawsuit against Jared Polis, CDPHE, Boulder County Public Health and Larimer County Public Health against the unlawful and unscientific mandates for COVID-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Boulder County Republicans has the opportunity to correct the dangerous course Boulder County and the state have embarked with years of radical progressive leadership that started at the local level. BCR cannot pretend that it will change the course of the nation or even the state, but we can have big impact on the county and cities in the county if we are strategic and learn from the successful tactics of our opponents. We need to focus on that we can change locally. We need to change the hearts and minds of our own party members and those who have left the party for various reasons.

That change requires money…lots of it. Our primary mission should be to raise money to achieve the strategic goals and capital plan the BCR Executive Team sets. Boulder County is full of successful capitalists and conservatives that are more than willing to contribute to BCR if they see that their contributions will lead to successes. Some of those funds must be used to take control of the narrative of who we are and for what we stand instead of letting the Democrats do it.

Secondly, we should focus on local races where we have a higher probability of success. School boards, city councils, and the county commission are races that have a large impact on most people’s families and where BCR can make a big different. We should run qualified conservative candidates that appeal to people concerned about the economy, crime, and education and not global warming. A success or two will build on itself to bring in more contributions and volunteers so we can tackle higher offices. I am not advocating completely ignoring other races; we just need to focus strategically on lower-level races we have a chance on winning.

Lastly, we are not even exciting our own base to come out to vote. Yes we are outnumbered 3-to-1 but we have a message that resonates with conservatives and moderates that are unaffiliated. Many of these voters are at both ends of the age spectrum. We need to build supporters for the under 30 crowd that will become the future leaders of the party and vote today. Likewise, many older people are more conservative than liberal, yet we do a poor job at outreach and bringing them to the polls. We need two teams to address improving the turnouts of young and old voters.

Voter integrity is the keystone to winning elections. The voter integrity team needs to continue to improve the security of the voting process by building on the successes it has had in the past. Boulder County has been a leader in the state for voter integrity and we must continue in that leadership role. People of all parties need to feel that their vote counts. This is the message we must convey when we talk about voter integrity and not let us be labeled election deniers.

Mark’s over three decades in the telecommunications industry building multi-billion-dollar revenue streams for broadband communications products through innovation and business leadership gives him the ability to deliver on these objectives with the support of a strong leadership team and many volunteers. Mark is known for being able to execute on what he has promised and do it ethically. He held roles from research and development to marketing and sales, so he understands how to deliver a successful product or service to market. Leading BCR is not much different. Mark will bring his talents, skills, and experience to this role in BCR to continue to bring it forward and grow it as those did before him, but it must be done as a team with other likeminded committed individuals.