Elect Peg and the BOULDER COUNTY'S AMERICA FIRST SLATE🔗 at the 2/9/2023 Organizational Meeting2023BCROrgMtgPegCageForBonusMember

Thank you for serving Boulder County as a voting member of the Republican Central Committee! 

I hope that you will vote for me to continue my service to the Colorado Republican party as a Bonus Member.

Please check out www.MyColoradoGOP.org to see what my friends and I have accomplished so far.  There’s a lot of reading material available there, so I’ve just given you a synopsis in the photo.

Here are my main goals:

Keep and promote the Caucus and Assembly Process.
Assure only REPUBLICANS vote in REPUBLICAN primary elections.
Promote President Trump’s AMERICA FIRST, REPUBLICAN PLATFORM agenda.

I have the honor of running as a slate with some of our BCR friends🔗 who share these goals.  To amplify BCR’s impact at the State Central Committee Meetings, we intend to vote as a block toward these goals.

We look forward to seeing you tonight at the BCR Organizational Meeting!


Peg Cage