Elect David and the BOULDER COUNTY'S AMERICA FIRST SLATE🔗 at the 2/9/2023 Organizational Meeting



My name is David Brown and I’m a former vice-chair with the Boulder County Republicans.  I’m a current District Captain for the northwest Longmont area.

As you are aware, we have a Boulder County Central Committee meeting scheduled for February 9th.  (1)  I’m sorry this turned out to be so long but please bear with me.  I’m running for bonus member and a one-minute floor speech is nowhere near enough time to relay what’s on my mind and why I’m running.

We have big problems in our state leadership.  For far too long, we have elected people at the state level who have deliberately undermined the grass roots movement and its candidates. (2)

Our current chairman is on her way out so should we expect our future chairman to be as bad?  Yes, if we’re not careful!  While our current state chairman has arguably been the worst of those who have recently chaired the state GOP, in all the years I’ve been active in the Boulder County Republican Party others haven’t been much better.  Almost all have had the same establishment Republican “essential ingredients” if you will, which if allowed to flourish will forever end our chances of ever electing a grass roots Republican to most state and local offices.  If we’re not careful, the next chairman of the state party stands to be just as bad, if not worse because what some want to do only gets worse.

Their wish list includes things like:

  • Identifying unaffiliated voters on the basis of economic, social and foreign policy and requiring all candidates to campaign on those issues they identify, even if it includes pro-abortion, climate change or anti-2nd Amendment stances. (When you control the money, you can control the message.)
  • Eliminating the Republican precinct caucus and subsequent county and state assemblies.
  • Allowing any Republican in any jurisdiction (county, state house, state senate, CD, statewide) to vote in a jurisdiction “convention” – because they won’t refer to them as assemblies any longer – if they pay a fee.  For example, when we break into groups to elect new officers for House and Senate districts, if you want to vote for new officers, you’ll be required to pay $35.  If you merely want to vote for a congressional district candidate like Marshall Dawson, be prepared to pony up $50. 
  • Allowing any voter who has been registered as a Republican for a year or more to have access to the Primary ballot by paying a fee.  A fee schedule example is as follows:
  • County candidates: $5000 (paid to county GOP committee)
  • State House: $10,000 (paid to GOP State House Committee)
  • State Senate: $15,000 (paid to GOP State Senate Committee)
  • CD: $50,000 (paid to GOP congressional district committee)
  • AG, Treasurer or Secretary of State: $100,000 (paid to the state GOP)
  • US Senate and Governor: $250,000 (paid to the state GOP)

I didn’t make any of this up!  Imagine Tara being forced to pay $10,000 just to run for HD11.  Marshall would have had to pay $50 grand had this plan been in place!

This is just one example of a plan for our state party that has been proposed and while some establishment proposals do not include pay-to-play, what they all have in common is the elimination of the caucus and the county and state assemblies.  They all endorse the idea of the open primary and want to make a concerted effort to welcome unaffiliated voters to vote in them – in other words, have non-Republicans decide who will run as Republicans and what issues will be endorsed. 

We cannot leave anything to chance.  We must put a stop to electing establishment anointed people – people who don’t think manipulated elections are an issue, people who want to do away with the caucus and assemblies and people who hate America First.  This Thursday’s central committee meeting is the beginning of effecting the change we need at the state level.  To get an idea how grave my concerns are, just look up SB23-101, which seeks to eliminate the assembly process and force all candidates to go through the petitioning process.  Notice who the sponsors are.  I’ll save you the trouble – they’re Republicans and I’m almost certain those bill sponsors didn’t come up with this idea on their own.  That’s why it’s imperative that all nine Boulder County Central committee votes (3 officers and 6 bonus members) pledge to elect grass roots officers at the state level. 

If you share my concerns, I would ask for your vote for bonus member at this Thursday’s central committee meeting and seek five others who also share these concerns. (3)

So far, three candidates for state party chair who stand for real election integrity, the kind of election integrity that ensures all honest and real votes are counted and counted properly, and they are opposed to eliminating the Colorado assembly process because any registered Republican should be allowed to run for office, not just those who can afford to spend thousands of dollars gathering signatures in every congressional district and possibly paying exorbitant fees.  I expect at least one more grass roots candidate to announce his/her candidacy and I will pledge to vote for who is the best of those because the future of our party depends on it. 

If you can’t make the meeting but still want your voice heard, there is a way for that to happen.  Each voting member is allowed five proxies so if you allow me the honor of your proxy, I will pledge to ensure your vote goes only to those candidates who will pledge to preserve the future of our party by opposing establishment objectives.

I hope to see you at our central committee meeting this Thursday and if you can’t make it, I hope to hear from you regarding your proxy.

Thank you for reading this far!

David Brown



PS. More stuff…

(1)  The county central committee is where we elect people to represent Boulder County as they serve on the Colorado GOP State Central Committee (SCC).  The SCC will elect the officers who will serve on the Colorado GOP Executive Committee.  Those state officers are who decide Republican policy for the entire state. 

(2) *We saw our current chairman who is required by the SCC bylaws to remain neutral in primaries ask a top line candidate for Secretary of State to withdraw her nomination because of a questionable indictment. 

Section III. C. of the by-laws of the Colorado Republican Party Central Committee (CRC) provides: “No candidate for any designation or nomination for partisan public office shall be endorsed, supported, or opposed by the CRC, acting as an entity, or by its state officers or committees, before the Primary Election, unless such candidate is unopposed in the Primary Election.”

* We saw her dissolve 107 sovereign Republican organizations (House and Senate district committees) without any authority to do so in the SCC bylaws.

* Just this month we saw her, once again, exceed her authority by calling an “emergency” state central committee meeting to re-organize a duly elected county’s Republican party county organization.

*She had a chance to align herself with a unanimous resolution by the SCC challenging the constitutionality of the open primary.  When a lawsuit was presented that would challenge open primaries, she had the opportunity to join that lawsuit by filing an amicus brief.  The judge, in a blistering decision pointed to the chairman’s reluctance to join as a primary reason for the dismissal, because the state party may have had standing and the state chairman needed to join the lawsuit on behalf of the party.  When faced with a unanimous resolution to challenge open primaries, at least from everyone who was present, what possible reason could she have to not join that lawsuit? We can’t afford to take any more chances on establishment anointed chairmen.

(3)  Each county, for their state central committee delegation gets a vote for chairman, vice-chairman and secretary plus two bonus members for every 10,000 voters who voted for the Republican candidate for governor (president in presidential election years) in their respective county.  Heidi Ganahl received 30,000 votes in Boulder County so we are allotted six bonus members plus 3 executive votes to serve on the state central committee.  We must make them count!