From: Ron Hanks, Chairman, COGOP Ballot and Election Security Committee 

Statement to 2023 Election Canvass Boards

As Chairman of the Colorado GOP Ballot and Election Security Committee, I CANNOT recommend county canvass boards certify this most recent Colorado election, held 7November2023.

The reasons are self-evident:

  1. Nothing has changed since the 2020 elections.  The voting equipment is the same, uncertified, Chinese-built electronics with built-in internet capability.  They are not “secure” by any national security definition of the word.
  2. Colorado’s voter rolls remain a playground for election-manipulators, despite Judicial Watch’s lawsuit and victory over Soros-funded, partisan-hack Jena Griswold, Colorado’s dismal Secretary of State.  As an example, please consider the 30,000 non-citizens who were sent notices and instructions on how to register and vote by Jena Griswold and her team.
  3. As a result of “rule changes”, the canvass boards have been rendered irrelevant by Colorado’s Secretary of State.  They are effectively a facade of citizen oversight and a rubber stamp.  Under new rules, canvass boards review and sign off on two computer-generated tallies, both unverifiable.  And as the rules read today, any canvass board concern can be ignored and overturned by the Secretary of State by fiat.   

Nothing has changed to make elections more accurate and transparent, and the canvass board has been made irrelevant.  So why should any Patriot certify such a rigged system? 

Some citizens suggest since Proposition HH, the attack on our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights authored by Jared Polis and his tax-and-spend socialist friends failed this election cycle, we should not pursue or press the issue.  In their eyes, we won, so we should not “rock the boat” – even though our grievances have not been adequately addressed for several election cycles.

Others say the grounds on which canvass boards would not certify are outside the scope of the canvass boards’ duties.  But since Jena Griswold has emasculated the canvass boards and narrowed their duties to nearly zero, and since she can ignore anything they bring into question, why acquiesce and be a “YES” vote for a co-opted system? 

Consistency matters.  The previous concerns of the people have not been addressed by the corrupted, power-hungry hostiles controlling our government.  We should be on record as having rejected the unchanged election process because it is a sham, controlled by a one-party system comprised of democrat and republican poseurs.

As time marches headlong toward the 2024 presidential election, we have every reason to expect additional election manipulation.  Be it through fraudulent ballots, inflated voter rolls, mail-in ballots with no chain of custody, dubious drop boxes stuffed with harvested ballots, or electronic intrusion and data corruption, the unscrupulous enemy has not stood idly by while we uncover their methods in previous elections.  Fraud has proven highly successful for them: Why would they stop?  Instead, they will have used this time to reduce their footprint inside the machines and reporting systems, in an effort to re-install in the White House an unelected, senile hack whose only expertise is money laundering, bribery and extortion.

The elections of 2024 will be an epic battle.  Our standing and credibility will be upheld if we reject the corruption of the unchanged voting process – in Colorado and throughout our nation.  Certifying this election will imply our acceptance of a disastrous process and declare we acquiesced to their systemic fraud and personal corruption.

Respectfully, and Wishing You and Family a Happy Thanksgiving,
Ron Hanks
COGOP Ballot and Election Security Committee Chairman
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