PROPOSED RESOLUTIONS FOR CAUCUS 2024 compiled for and posted at

1.) Defund the CCCA


The Colorado County Clerks Association (CCCA) — a nongovernmental organization with ultimate oversight of Colorado elections and funded by taxpayers — touts “Gold Standard” elections and demeans electors while ignoring valid concerns and extensive research which unequivocally demonstrates critical vulnerabilities and lack of transparency in the conduct of elections for the people of Colorado.

And whereas,

The CCCA pushes legislation, such as SB22-153, to further limit citizen participation in conducting and verifying elections.  The CCCA is now promoting legislation to criminally charge county canvass board members who refuse to certify elections.


Be it resolved that Colorado’s elections belong to We the People, with a fundamental and Unalienable Right to verifiably accurate and valid elections, and to retain this Right, the CCCA must be defunded and have all their authority over Colorado’s clerks and elections revoked.  

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2.) Restore Voter Confidence in Elections


Colorado’s election process has become increasingly complex but less transparent resulting in critical vulnerabilities to errors and fraud that are difficult to detect as a consequence of using: 1)  all-mail ballots, 2) bloated voter rolls, 3) accepted forms of identification insufficient to verify the identity and eligibility of voters casting ballots, and 4) technology that is vulnerable to security breaches and rely on pre-election testing and post-election audits that are unlikely to detect incorrect vote tabulation that could change the outcome of close elections;

And whereas,

The voters of Colorado have increasingly lost faith that our elections are secure, and have become disenfranchised from the process, which is a form of voter suppression;


Be it resolved that the elections belong to We the People, with a fundamental and Unalienable Right to verifiably accurate and valid elections, and in order to retain this Right, the Colorado Republican Party calls for election system changes that rely on bipartisan citizen volunteers to conduct single-day elections with in-person voting at the local-level requiring valid photo identification, using printed poll books and paper ballots to be voted in secret and cast only by eligible voters, with ballots hand-tabulated in the local polling place, with a 100% audit of the closest contest in each county, and reinstatement of the responsibility to the county canvass boards to certify that the elections were correctly tabulated.

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WHEREAS, the Colorado Republican Party has a duty to inform citizens so they may hold

our elected officials to their oath of office and the Constitution of the United States; and

WHEREAS, all elected officials should take immediate action to uphold their oath of office

for the health, safety, and well-being of its citizens and issue a similar declaration; and

WHEREAS, Colorado has witnessed negative impacts to its citizens from the current

immigration crisis and those cities designating themselves as sanctuary cities, and,

WHEREAS, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s office has said the city could spend up to

$180 million dollars managing the immigration crisis in 2024, and, illegal aliens are now reported

to be camping outside our rural towns and cities which could strain taxpayer resources already

dedicated to helping those in need that live in Colorado including veterans, elderly citizens,

children of all ages, and the homeless; and,

WHEREAS, the Colorado Republican Party will continue to urge state and local

governments to prioritize the needs and safety of our citizens, and that mission has been

jeopardized by the Governor’s support and signature for sanctuary laws that hobbled sheriffs

and police and our justice system such as HB19-1124, SB19-30, HB21-1194, and HB23-1100;


WHEREAS, under President Trump, the apprehensions of illegal aliens were the lowest in

45 years to less than 1500 apprehensions a day, and under President Biden the apprehension

numbers have reached up to 15,000 a day with 45 percent coming from countries outside of

Mexico and Central America; and

WHEREAS, the Biden Administration ended Trump Administration policies including

detention and deportation of illegal aliens and thus failed to execute the rule of law to secure our

country’s borders and caused this crisis to overwhelm this nation and our cities in the state of

Colorado; and,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Colorado Republican Party that its

members declare that Colorado should not be a sanctuary state that perpetuates the failures of

the Federal government nor continues the misuse of taxpayers’ dollars resulting from this illegal

immigration crisis, and child trafficking crisis, affecting Colorado.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Colorado Republican Party that we call on the

federal government and our representatives in Congress to secure funding for the safety and

sovereignty of our country by expanding a secure border wall and barriers while reinstating Trump

Administration policies such as Safe Third Countries, Title 42, and freezing foreign aid to countries

unwilling to enforce their borders.

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4.) Resolution to Refocus the Mission of the Republican Party

Whereas, the Republican Party is the people's instrument for translating their political will into action, organizing and advocating for principles of freedom, limited government, and individual liberty in accordance with the United States Constitution, and ensuring elected representatives faithfully uphold these ideals;

Whereas, an unprecedented disconnect between elected officials and citizens, marked by government overreach, corruption, and broken promises, represents a challenge unlike any in our history, necessitating immediate and decisive action;

Whereas, the core mission of the Republican Party has traditionally been summarized as "Get Republicans elected," a focus that has increasingly been perceived as prioritizing party over principle;

Whereas, the American people, disillusioned by the prevailing political culture, demand a political party that prioritizes their values, rights, and the integrity of the Constitution above all;

Be It Resolved That, the Republican Party hereby adopts a new mission statement: "To serve the American people by championing candidates who embody their values, safeguard their rights, and are unwavering in their commitment to uphold and protect the Constitution";

Be It Further Resolved That, in pursuit of this mission, the Republican Party commits to:

Elevating Principles Over Politics: Prioritizing the election of candidates who are deeply aligned with the foundational values of freedom, responsibility, and constitutional governance, rather than merely seeking electoral victories.

Ensuring Accountability: Establishing mechanisms to hold elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions, ensuring they remain true to their campaign promises and the values of their constituents.

Enhancing Transparency and Engagement: Strengthening efforts to engage with the electorate, fostering open dialogue about the values and policies that guide the Republican Party, and actively listening to and incorporating the concerns of the American people.

Facilitating Representation: Committing to a rigorous candidate selection process that ensures nominees genuinely represent the values and aspirations of their constituents, thereby restoring faith in the electoral process and the principle of representation.

Promoting Constitutional Integrity: Reaffirming an unwavering commitment to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, advocating for policies that reinforce constitutional rights, and opposing any actions that would undermine them.

Be It Finally Resolved That, the Republican Party calls upon all members, elected officials, and candidates to embody these principles in their actions and leadership, recognizing that the true measure of our success is not merely in the number of elections won, but in the quality of governance and representation provided to the American people.

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6.)  We Resolve to protect human life from conception to natural death.

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7.)  We Resolve that the Colorado Republican Party makes every effort to protect its sovereignty and First Amendment right to “peaceably assembly” by closing the Republican Party Primary Elections to Republicans only.

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8.)  We Resolve that the Colorado Republican Party preserves and protects Colorado’s caucus/assembly/convention system as the means for citizens to choose their party leaders and government servants.

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*** Resolution Ideas for Caucus, March 4-9, 2024 ***

9.) Be it Resolved: That the leaders of the Republican party will listen all republican members.
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10.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose the government tracking (or government-maintained lists) of law-abiding citizens for any reason (i.e. lists for vaccine compliance/non-compliance, gun ownership, concealed carry, mental illness, religious preference, homeschool/private school, etc.)

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Parental rights / Children’s rights / Family rights
11.) Be it Resolved: That human children are deserving of the care and protection of their parents just as all young in nature are cared for and protected by their parents. The parents are the ones who know the child best and can make the best decisions for the child. Therefore, we resolve that the government is not capable of making the best decisions for each child.
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12.) Be it Resolved: That we respect the importance and critical role of the family unit and therefore affirm that family decisions should be made by the family and public policies should promote the integrity of the family.
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Medical Freedom / vaccines
13.) Be it Resolved: That each person has the right to freely accept/decline, without retaliation, which medical products and procedures are appropriate for him/her.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

14.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose required and/or coerced medical procedures and products (vaccination, coerced physician assisted suicide, birth control, sterilization, etc.) for any reason (employment, school, travel, etc.) as each person has a unique situation and has the right to make their own decision.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________


15.) Be it Resolved: That we recognize conception as the beginning of the life of a unique person and we value that life from conception until natural death. We oppose abortion and physician assisted suicide.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

16.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose “safe injection sites” because enabling drug addiction contributes to death from drug addiction.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

17.) Be it Resolved: That we support the outlaw of abortion in our state.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

18.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose the use of any product containing aborted fetal cells, proteins, or DNA. This includes some cosmetics, medications, and vaccines.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

19.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose all products that use aborted fetal cells, protein or DNA in research, development or testing, whether or not the fetal material is found in the end product.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

Schools / Education

20.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose using public schools as a leveraging tool to indoctrinate our children. Stick to the facts.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

21.) Be it Resolved: That we support local control of curriculum and content just as our Colorado Constitution says.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

22.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose the forced use of all state and national level curriculum guides (common core, state level sex-ed, etc.).

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

23.) Be it Resolved: That we support the free choice of all families to select which school (public, private, charter, homeschool, etc.) is best for their children.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

24.) Be it Resolved: That we support equal funding to allow students to attend whichever school is best for them, including homeschool.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

Citizens’ Role in Governance

25.) Be it Resolved: That we support citizens’ right and ability to appeal or repeal a law as a check and balance for our legislative and executive branches.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

26.) Be it Resolved: That we oppose the safety clause or any other means to limit citizen involvement.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________

27.) Be it Resolved: That every law currently in effect with a safety clause be invalidated since that law was passed with deliberate intention of preventing citizens from appealing or repealing it.

 Passed   Failed   Yeas ______ Nays______  PCP Initials _________