March 16, 2024

Dear Shawn Smith and Jeff Young (an open letter),

Congratulations on your appointments as Teller Committee Chairmen for the 2024 Colorado Republican State Assembly/Convention.  It is a relief to know that if the Executive Committee rules against the use of machines at the Convention,[1] the two of you will be able to deliver the 100% hand-counted election that Colorado Republicans have been working towards for the last few years.  If the Executive Committee doubles down and decides to break the rules and bylaws by forcing the machines into the process, I’ll be appealing to the State Central Committee, so you’ll need to be ready for the hand-count if they vote, as they should, for NO MACHINES. 

You know that Georgia, Arizona, Texas, and others have had successful large hand-counts without interference from machines, and I would love to see Colorado do the same at the State Assembly/Convention.  How wonderful it would be to have volunteers from throughout the state trained and ready to help their municipalities and counties return to hand counting. 

But I feel I must remind you and warn the Delegates that there are people in Colorado who make a fine living running “elections” and using election manipulation to get bad people into government.  One needs only to look at the legislation coming out of the General Assembly to realize that most of the “electeds” there do not have The People’s best interest in mind.  And they aren’t worried about losing their seats for over-stepping The People’s will because elections can be rigged in their favor.  I don’t believe these people or the people behind them have any intention of simply allowing the American Patriots at the upcoming GOP assembly to prove this election can be quickly and efficiently counted on paper ballots without machines.

The two of you know personally what happens when you go against “the machine.”  Lawsuits for canvassing for voter registration feedback[2] and more lawsuits and intimidation for looking into voting machines.[3]  Just challenging the Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association to a debate got the host church’s YouTube livestream shut down and their channel scrubbed of all previous sermons.[4]  (Is the implication that the CCCA has close ties with YouTube?)

The Colorado GOP has a long history of “questionable” elections – the “We did it! Never Trump!” 2016 State Convention, Ken Buck’s 8-vote “win” over grassroots champion Susan Beckman (who, unlike Ken, doesn’t believe Colorado’s 2020 election was the “Gold Standard”), the 2022 clicker fiasco, and even Jeff’s run for county chairman.  It does seem Colorado is the Test Kitchen for Fraud.[5]

I would like to believe that your appointments foretell a positive change for Colorado, but since Chairman Dave Williams is still planning to force your Teller Committee to count Scantron ballots after they have been fed through Scantron machines and produced an “unofficial” count, my expectations for honest elections are low.  

I hope that The People of Colorado will realize the horrendous effect that manipulated machine elections have on our way of life and that they are ready to stop them.  As you’ve pointed out, there is no excuse for the machines in any election.  I hope Republicans will call and email Chairman Williams and the Colorado GOP to let them know they want the two of you, Shawn and Jeff, with all your Cause of America experience and your national efforts towards hand counted elections without machines, to teach us at the Assembly/Convention how to conduct a 100% hand counted election with verifiable results.  Thank you for volunteering your services!
Peg Cage,  MyColoradoGOP.org


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