CD5 Assembly Hand Count    VOLUNTEER POSITIONS



VideoBallotDistributionTeamsTraining 2024 03 16

Eight volunteers are assigned to four CD 5 Ballot Distribution tables to distribute ballots to properly credentialed delegates. They will mark each delegate’s badge and each ballot as they distribute the ballots.

BALLOT BOX ATTENDANTS: (18 volunteers)

VideoBallotBoxTeamsTraining 2024 03 16

Ballot Box teams attend the clear ballot boxes while Delegate’s cast their ballots.  They keep count of the ballots being cast and mark Delegate’s badges as having cast their ballots.  They will also take the ballot box to a tally table and batch the ballots for the teams there.   

TALLY TEAMS: (36 volunteers)

VideoReadersAndTellersTeamsTraining 2024 03 16

There are 12 Tally Judge Teams of 3 persons each, comprised of two Tally Judges and one Reader.  Two teams of three share opposite ends of a six-foot table; both teams work from one dedicated clear ballot box.  The reader reads the name of the candidate which received votes and the Tally Judge marks the vote on their tally sheet.  Two identical tally sheets are created this way, and they are compared for accuracy.

RUNNERS: (6 volunteers)

VideoRunnerTeamsTraining 2024 03 16

A Runner is assigned to each Tally table.  Runners deliver completed bundled ballots and tally sheets from the tally tables to the Judges’ tables and then to the totals table.  Runners encourage other workers to remain in their positions for duration of the count.

JUDGES TABLE:  (12 volunteers)

VideoBallotBoxTotalsJudges 2024 03 16

Four more Judge teams of three persons each, comprised of two Tally Judges and one Reader, are assigned to two tables. Again, the two teams share opposite ends of each table.  Runners deliver completed tally sheets and ballot batches to the Judges Table for processing the odd and even numbered stacks.  Each table Judges half the total count.

TOTALS TABLE:  (4 volunteers)

The Totals Judges are at the last table of the process.  This is where runners deliver processed bundles of tally sheets and ballots for the Judges to determine the final vote.  They complete the Teller Committee Chairman’s report for announcement to the assembly. 

WATCHERS: (10 volunteers )

Specifically appointed by each candidate to watch the election process to assure accuracy.

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