Apr 14, 2024

By Lisa Clark

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(New York Times Photo)

Colorado Congressional District 2 – Voters Beware of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I felt compelled to write this opinion piece based on my experience with Colorado Congressman Joe Neguse serving Congressional District 2, especially since we will be voting in November. I sent two requests via his website on the border, immigration, energy, inflation, etc. asking about his position and how he plans to address these very serious issues as my representative.  I received no response from him, so I called his office and left a message.  A staff member contacted me, and was polite but could not have a meaningful conversation on providing me why Congressman Neguse was not addressing these serious matters in D.C.  A couple days ago I got a form letter from Congressman Neguse letting me know how hard he works for Colorado and his district, but provided no responses to my requests.

I decided to do a bit of research on Congressman Neguse through his website and his voting record.  I learned he considers himself Mr. Colorado and proposes Colorado legislation that is non-controversial.  Some examples of his Colorado legislation include supporting veterans, wildfire protection, federal funding for Eagle County, Colorado Wilderness Act, disaster management, behavioral health, and watershed protection.  These types of legislation have been pretty consistent in Colorado, regardless of political party. Then I started to look at Congressman Neguse’s voting record for federal bills and was shocked and disappointed how he is Dr. Jekyll in Colorado and Mr. Hyde in Washington D.C., pretty much voting as a woke liberal democrat, not a hint of being a moderate democrat.

For the 118th Congress I reviewed Congressman Neguse’s voting record for securing the open border, DUI by illegals, Mayorkas impeachment, Laken Riley Act, protecting American energy production, carbon tax, and fentanyl killing young Americans.  Congressman Neguse voted “no” or “nay” every time.  Then for fun, knowing that he is mentored by Congressman Hakeem Jefferies of New York, I found Congressman Neguse voted in-step with Congressman Jefferies each time.  Hmmm,  I thought to myself, no wonder Congressman Neguse was just appointed as House Assistant Minority Leader.  The irony of some of the legislation mentioned above, that passed the House, was that other democrats voted in favor of the bills because they protect Americans and are in alignment with the Constitution.  Unfortunately, in D.C. Congressman Neguse chooses party over people.  I reviewed X, and noticed Congressman Neguse’s posts are in lock-step with Congressman Jefferies, with the exception of his Colorado tweets.  I also saw where he bragged about voting to impeach former President Trump.  

My grandfather once told me to vote for the man/woman not the party.  He felt this way based on a quote by JFK, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”  I tried to keep an open mind with Congressman Neguse but the facts don’t lie.  I warn district 2 Colorado voters to pay attention to Congressman Neguse’s behavior in Washington D.C., as we need a congressional representative that does not focus on party politics, and is not selling out Colorado Americans for power within his party.  Tulsi Gabbard stated it best when she said, “I can no longer remain in the democratic party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal…”

Lisa Clark, Colorado