June 13, 2024

Removing a chairman this close to the end of their term will only serve to divide our party further and is a distraction which will allow the party’s destruction.  The Party is bigger and more important than any Chairman’s two-year term.

If the Republican Party doesn’t use its collective power NOW to stop the BAD initiatives which will appear on the November ballot, all parties will be useless by the next primary election. 

Our actions now will determine if the next GOP Chairman will be the King of Nothing, or the leader of a free people working to “Keep the Republic.”      

Because of the personal volunteer efforts of a few people who used Colorado’s Citizens’ Initiatives process, at their personal expense, The GOOD Initiatives have been titled and the petitions are printed.  The GOOD Initiatives are in direct response to the BAD initiatives which Kent Thiry ran through the Title Board, stating his purpose is to “GET RID OF PARTISAN PRIMARIES.”  His plan is to “pick up where 107 and 108 (open primaries) left off.”  He also stated that his current initiatives do not reach all his goals, which means that he will be back to attack us further.

Rather than playing into the distraction which will destroy our party, the County Executive Committees could choose to help save the party by funding The GOOD Initiatives and organizing teams to circulate the petitions which will preserve the party for the next chairman.

The three GOOD Initiatives were titled as single subjects, per Colorado law, and will be carried  as a set.  They are all constitutional amendments, written to block Thiry’s attack.  They each require 125,000 GOOD signatures before July 31st.   We printed enough petitions to gather 200,000 signatures, and we need all Republicans to unite in action to save our party.  

The Colorado Libertarian Party has thrown their support and funding towards the effort.  If each county party would match their $500 donation, we could repay the printing loan and provide volunteer circulators with the basic tools necessary to succeed.

Please visit for details and to sign up to help and/or donate.  Here’s a short summary of what the The GOOD Initiatives will do to save the Republican Party:

  • #201 will Prohibit Ranked Choice Voting
  • #202 will Protect Nominations through the Caucus and Assembly Process
  • #278 will Close the Open Primary


The GOOD Initiatives Team,
Linda Bissett, Peg Cage, and Michelle Hart
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.