June 22, 2024

Two sets of ideologies are reflected in the petitions now circulating to put election initiatives onto the November ballot.  The goal of Kent Thiry’s multi-subject Bad Initiative is to eliminate political parties.  The three single-subject Good Initiatives directly counter his efforts by putting into the Colorado Constitution these protections (more information at

  • Ban Ranked Choice Voting (The vote-manipulation process banned in nine other states)
  • Preserve Party Nominations (Keeps ballot access local and promotes adherence to a Platform)
  • Close the Primaries (Preserves Parties’ First Amendment rights of association and representation)

Thiry is already using the tool by which he wants all elections conducted – money.  He paid lawyers (over $400,000 is a number we’ve heard) to overwhelm the Title Board to get approval for petitioning, and he’s paying six different circulation companies to get signatures.  (The Good Initiatives were quoted $1,000,000 per petition to get the requisite signatures.)  Conversely, the Good Initiatives proponents voluntarily put their three initiatives through the Citizens’ Initiatives process without lawyers and took out a loan for printing the petitions.    

Citizens are guaranteed an honest way to choose the people and laws under which we’ll be governed.  The election process is doubtful now and Thiry’s Bad Initiative would make it worse.  If he’s successful in convincing people to vote for pay-to-play ballot access and 100% machine-manipulated, unauditable elections, we lose the possibility of returning to constitutional one-day elections, where electors are verified with a photo ID and vote in-person, in private, on paper ballots which are locally hand-counted and certified by bipartisan canvass boards. 

The Executive Committee of the CO GOP, the Chairman of the CO Democrat Party, leaders in the CO Libertarian Party, the CO Approval Voting Party and the CO Unity Party all oppose Thiry’s Bad Initiative.  Please join our efforts to fund and circulate these Good Initiatives petitions.  Gather a group of friends, check out some petitions, and flood public places with opportunities for people to sign to get these initiatives onto the ballot.  Return the filled petitions as soon as possible before July 31st.  Find or become a volunteer petition carrier and/or distributor at  Thank you!

The Good Initiatives Team,

Linda Bissett, Candice Stutzriem, Peg Cage, and Michelle Hart