We must defeat Kent Thiry's ballot initiative or our party (all parties!) will be gone. 

Let me tell you what Thiry is putting on the November ballot:  

We can combat these with our Good Initiatives:

We need the help of all concerned Coloradans to prevail: 

  • To raise an army of circulators - we need 125,000 GOOD signatures by July 31.  
  • Donate to help cover the cost of printing and distributing the petitions statewide.   
  • Get the word out about the dangers of Thiry’s agenda.   
  • Visit www.ColoradoCounts.com to volunteer, donate and learn. 

We respectfully request that you personally volunteer to circulate and that you send out this urgent Call to Action to all your mailing lists and urge everyone you know to circulate the Good Initiative petitions. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like one of us to speak at a meeting/event to better inform people.

Together we can Save the Party,

The Good Initiatives Committee
Linda, Candice, Peg and Michelle
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