Because the flood in Autumn was so disruptive and destructive, we forgot about the Summer’s drought and our prayers for rain.

I stood on the shaking ground near the mountain stream-turned-torrent. My senses were overwhelmed as I felt the sound and tasted the smell and watched the stuff of people’s lives rush by.

The things of man can’t stand against the flood of answered prayers, fed by the reign of God.

We are in the midst of another life-changing shaking. Like the slow, steady rain that resulted in Colorado’s 2013 flood, we have long heard of things happening in the world that are just beyond our field of view and scope of understanding. Drip, drip, drip.

We’ve been praying. Praying we’d have more time with our families. Praying the schools and universities would stop indoctrinating our children. Praying we’d care more about our neighbor’s needs. Praying that we could attend church from home whenever we wanted. Praying we’d have more time to consider different employment, missions or hobbies. Praying that the evil in government would be exposed and justice would be done. Praying America wouldn’t fall to Socialism/Communism. Praying that our friends would seek the Lord. Praying that people would wake up. Praying there was something we could do to help.

Now things are shut down in an unnatural way (supernatural, perhaps?). Those prayers and many others are being answered. Although it’s happening true to God’s character, we just never expected to see our luxurious American “normal” lives upended as He intervenes on our behalf.

I will not try to lead you in a Bible study or “shove my religion down your throat.” But I will tell you what I know. You did not evolve from pond scum. You were created by the three-in-one God, in His image, for His purpose and for His pleasure. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Seek Him. He’s knocking and waiting. He will send His Spirit to council and comfort you.

If you have doubts about putting your trust in someone you can’t see, consider the unseen virus and the things being done to stop the unseen enemy. Don’t fear the virus. Fear God. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10.

The pestilence will end, but the unseen war will persist.

Who will we be in the new normal? Will we be a humbled people, repenting to God for forgetting Him, for sacrificing millions of children and perverting the government founded by faith in Him? Will we don His armor and bring the wicked to justice? Will we rebuild this One Nation Under God?

Or will we slump back into apathetic servitude, never tasting the joy of God’s love or the pride of participating in a grand achievement?

The evil plans of man cannot stand against the flood of answered prayers, fed by the reign of God.

Sometimes, answered prayers are messy. Sometimes, like now, we can’t see how God could possibly be using this pandemic for His good. But that is His nature. Have faith. Keep praying!

Peg Cage