All bylaws changes were passed unanimously by the Colorado State Executive Committee members who attended a conference call on Friday, March 20, 2020. Bylaw #8 was amended to add: “Nothing in this emergency bylaw shall prevent alternates to any Congressional District Assembly & Convention from running for National Delegate.”


Robert Blancken attended the conference call and politely asked for confirmation that the meeting was officially only for State Executive Committee members, which it was. He wanted to make sure that it was recorded that these bylaws were not being added according to the State GOP bylaws, which say that all changes must be presented to the State Central Committee and require a two-thirds vote of the attending members to pass. Mr. Blancken is the Chairman of House District 17 and a Bonus Member from El Paso county.

Here’s a summary of the vote:
18 of 22 total Executive Committee members unanimously passed 17 Emergency bylaws.

State GOP bylaws require all 469 voting members of the State Central Committee consider and have an opportunity to vote on bylaws changes. A two-thirds vote is required to pass changes to the bylaws.
What should have been considered by 469 members and approved by 2/3 of attending SCC members (possibly 312 people), was passed by 18 people.

An email was sent at 1:22 p.m. on Friday, giving most of the 469 members (some don’t have email) until midnight Friday to fill in a “poll” vote for the Executive Committee (EC) to consider.

Only 70 members submitted a completed poll. The only two bylaws that passed with 100% of the votes were #3 and #6. These were the only two that Anil Mathai advised were necessary.

Of the 70 who voted, 55 voted unanimously for the additional bylaws. That means that only 15 out of a possible 469 elected representatives to the Republican Party in the State of Colorado cast a “vote” in opposition to giving unprecedented and unnecessary power to the party in this time of emergency.

All 17 Emergency Bylaws sunset at the end of the year. Repealing them will take “a simple majority of the SCC or EC.” (Who decides which committee? Majority of all members or voting members present?)

Chris Murray, legal council for the State GOP, said in response to Mr. Blancken’s questions that the EC was given the authority to make the changes by the (Democrat) Governor’s executive order 2020-D5. He said that the Central Committee may have the opportunity to ratify their vote the next time they get together.

Anil Mathai believes it’s a scam that started in the legislature with HB20-1359. Three Republicans voted against it in the House in 3rd reading: Steven Humphrey, David Williams and Tim Geitner. (Call and tell them thank you!) All Senate Republicans supported it.

Mr. Blancken said that “In times of chaos, people sometimes seek opportunities for themselves.” While that may or may not have happened here, it’s clear that we have a lot of work to do to turn from the established process of completely trusting the Colorado State GOP and giving them all the power they request, to re-establishing a GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE.

Respectfully Submitted,
Peg Cage