By Barb Hulet

This is who is deciding our elections. What an eye opener. As I traveled to Norwood yesterday the Democrats were out putting up Don Corum signs. I found that very interesting. Don't for one minute think that the machines in your county are secure if Dominion and the SOS came in and did a "trusted build upgrade". They created a crime scene, period. Always remember that they did this in 2019 after the governor race and in 2021 after the presidential race. It also affects down ballot races, too. We are in the middle of selection not election and have been for decades. Barb

About — Democracy Works
by David Clements

Have you heard of Democracy Works (EIN 77-0643932)?

An alternative name registered with the IRS for Democracy Works is COALITION FOR A WORLD PARLIAMENT AND GLOBAL DEMOCRACY (seriously).

When you go to the Coalition Site, it says their work has now been redirected under a new organization called World Parliament Now.

The World Parliament is financially supported by Citizens for Global Solutions.

The Citizens for Global Solutions want a new world federation, period, full stop. It is stated right here.

So, Democracy Works has ties to a group that wants to create a new global government. Democracy Works runs the Voter Information Project which is made possible by Google technology which aggregates and distributes voting information.

Using the Google Civic Engagement API.

If you want to see which elections Google are monitoring, go here.

I can understand how voting on paper on one day in a precinct could be so threatening to this cabal of global organizations. They loose all leverage, Hallelujah!

"BONKERS!" Emerald Robinson on Utah's craziness

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An order to be complicit in fraud is unlawful.

Couy Griffin is about to be sentenced.

Prosecutors will try to punish him by asking for an excessive sentence for his courageous stand in Otero.

Couy said a prayer on public grounds, never went into the capitol, and has already served three weeks in prison, much of it was in solitary confinement.